2 Week Wrap Up

I survived ya'll. My first weekend without Rob. Coming from a 7 person house to sleeping solo in my own apartment for 4 nights was totally an achievement for me.

While Rob was gone, his best bud Branden found out he passed the Bar to be a lawyer so our group of friends went out to celebrate. We got bottle service at a local nightclub and the rest is history. Literally history, no one really remembers what happened that night, ha. But that's the story of all epic nights right?
BottleServiceThen I brought my sister and brother to my apartment for a siblings sleepover. All 3 of us. In a queen bed. Keep in mind my 13 year old brother is the size of a full grown man so we slept sideways on the bed despite the fact there were 2 perfectly good couches in my living room. We ate late night cake, popped popcorn and drank sparkling cider out of wine glasses.

While Rob was gone, I was also successful in making my first round of sushi with raw fish! Apparently I'm rather productive without Rob around... hmmm. 😉 Now that I know how to make my own sushi, you can bet you'll be seeing more of that round here.
1stTimeSushiThanksgiving was so good to us this year. First of all, Rob and I decided to forgo presents for each other in exchange for this bad boy, all 60 HD inches of it.

BlackFridayPurchaseSo I have to admit, I'm one of those crazies who always participates in Black Friday. However this year, I was pretty turned off by the idea of shopping during Thanksgiving dinner so we didn't make any plans to shop. But in between Thanksgiving dinners, Rob and I decided to drive by a local Walmart. We walked in at 5:30 pm to check out the line and by 6:30 pm we were in car with our new toy, driving to our next dinner. After setting it up at 3 am, I went to bed fairly sure the TV was too big for our apartment but after Rob played some Call of Duty to test it out, there's no way that TV was going back. So as much as I hate to admit it, I race home to watch my shows on our movie screen sized TV in our teeny tiny apartment.

We also made out like a bandit at Target after Thanksgiving (40% off all apparel?!) and I did some online shopping at Old Navy and H&M. Overall, many a deal was had.

Thanksgiving was very full of lots of love, laughter and of course food. Here's our annual silly Thanksgiving photo, have you ever seen a crazier bunch?

Thanksgiving2013How was your Thanksgiving? Did you score anything on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday?

P.S. I missed you!





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11 thoughts on “2 Week Wrap Up

  1. I love the family picture! So cute. I refused to do any Black Friday shopping early. I can't believe stores were open Thanksgiving night. In fact I didn't get out to shop until late Friday night. Next year they won't even bother to close and Thanksgiving will be a lost holiday because everyone is so greedy for sales. It's insane. Don't return the TV... I love a big TV! Miss you!

  2. Looks like an awesome 2 weeks! You've been busy girl! Never even considered trying to make sushi at home.. Did you have a sushi kit with that thingy that helps you roll the rice? I finally bit the bullet and bought a mac book this past weekend! Super excited for it to be delivered next week 🙂

  3. What a fun little sleepover! And that is exactly why I wish I had siblings...you guys are too cute. And OMG that TV...Arsen would die. I can't believe you got in and out so quick and some crazies wait all night! I've honestly never done the whole Black Friday thing, but it's starting to tempt me. The deals are SO good!

  4. Congrats on surviving the weekend without Rob. I've always thought that people should live on their own at some point in their lives. Solitude is a lovely thing. The sushi looks delicious!

  5. Wow, nice sushi rolling! I once tried to make sushi and it was a disaster. Looks like quite the fun Thanksgiving! Congrats on the new TV... that's great that you were able to get it without much hassle. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I LOVE sushi and that sushi looks amazing! You did a good job. I don't think I'd ever attempt to make some. LOL! Congratulations to your friend for passing the bar. That's a major accomplishment and I know you all are quite proud of him. I hope you had a good holiday!

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