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Fly, DIYs & the Hunger Games

Happy Friday everyone! Spoiler Alert: I will be sharing some of my Hunger Games thoughts at the bottom of the post so feel free to read on until then, but stop at the Hunger Games picture if you don’t want … Continue reading

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Simply Obsessing: Hunger Games

So lesson #1 about me: I have an obsessive personality. When I love something, I LOVE it. When it comes to items I love, I want to own 5 of them. Β True life examples: – I “accidentally” go to Disneyland … Continue reading

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Simply Crafty : Animal Print Jewelry Board

Animal Print Jewelry Board Weeks ago, I settled on the fact my room needed to be redecorated. The perfect place to start was my small jewelry corner because I’ve been acquiring accessories at an alarming rate since I discovered Denios’, … Continue reading

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Simply Baking: Circus Animals

Cookies on Parade This entry is for the cookie lovers out there! One of my favorite cookies has to beΒ Mother’s Cookies Circus Animals.Β For those of you who didn’t notice a shortage, Mother’s Cookies almost went out of business in 2008 … Continue reading

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