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Happy Monday readers!

Vacation so far has been incredible (Santa Barbara is like California's version of heaven) but I'll share pictures and stories about SB when we get home. Since we're headed to Disneyland tomorrow, I thought it'd be fun to share my must-haves for a day at the Happiest Place on Earth (Take it from someone who goes 1-5 times a year) ! Introducing my newest segment:

Waterbottle/Sunglasses/Sweater/Ring /Hat/Clinique/Rainbows

7 things you need for a great day at the park in warm weather:

- A Light Sweater - You need one you can bother carrying all day but perfect for the occasionally cold Anaheim nights.

- Comfortable Shoes - I love the comfort my broken-in Rainbow flip flops but others might suggest running shoes or something with a thick sole since you do a ton of standing/walking.

- Disney Swag - This 7 dwarfs ring is AMAZING. But a simple red minnie bow or sweet Mickey ears count too. Or get a free pin at City Hall if you're celebrating something! *Free alert*

- Refillable Waterbottle - As everyone knows Disneyland is expensive. Drinking free water from the restaurants or water fountains can save a pretty penny!

- Sunglasses - In the Southern California sun, sunglasses are just as functional as they are stylish.

- Sunblock - I'm Filipino so I rarely EVER burn but the only place in my life I have burned is at Disneyland when my nose peeled for 2 weeks straight. I cannot live through summer or Disneyland without my Clinique Cityblock!

- Hat - Any hat will do but make sure you feel comfortable sticking it in a ride's tiny velcro bag if you plan on going on rides like Space Moutain or Screamin California.

There are plenty more extras to bring to enhance your visit (snacks, a change of clothes, a million dollars) but my list covers the bare necessities! I can't wait to snap some photos at Disneyland tomorrow so follow me on instagram (Egatsby88) or Twitter (SimplyEvani) to follow along! šŸ™‚

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Take a moment to thank any and all armed forces for their service to our country!


Happy Friday readers!

So I was having a mild panic attack yesterday about my lack of preparation with our coming vacation and the fact I didn't have every second planned out and everything ready. Yes, you can gasp in surprise, I AM an A-type personality. I tried with all my might to get a REAL entry done for today but I ended up feeling overwhelmed with preparations for Saturday morning. So here is proof of my insanity, this is everything I need to get done TODAY (did I also mention what a huge procrastinator I am?)

So I have these dreams of being BFF with Joy Cho of Oh Joy, Bri Emery ofĀ DesignLovefest and Bonnie Tsang of Bonnie Tsang BlogĀ because they are blogging goddesses and they are ALWAYS instagramming amazing food from LA.Ā I found most of the LA foodie destinations on our list via Joy in this blog entry:Ā Top 20 bites of 2011 in LA.

We'll be gone until a week from today! Are there any other recommendations you have for LA? Any good craft/paper/vintage stores you recommend?

I take so many trips that I'm thinking of making a re-usable packing list, so maybe that'll show up on my blog in the near future!

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Also shout out to Katrine over at Make it & Fake it! I won a giveaway over at her amazing DIY site and I can't wait to receive my Swarovoksi elements style magazine! I'll be crafting it up once I get it, thats for sure.

Thanks Katrine!!

Here are some Weekend reading/DIYs:

Make a cropped knit via Harpers Bazaar and A Pair & A Spare.

Diggin the blog Penny Chic by Shauna, love the styling of thisĀ Convertible shirt.

Because you know I love anything in theĀ teal color palette.

For an easy laugh.

And a parting print for the weekend. My life relates to this SO much lately.

Source unknown šŸ™ I found it on a tumblr but if anyone knows where this is from, let me know! I'd love to credit it.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!


Happy Hump Day readers!

Can I confess something to you all? I had no idea what "hump day" meant until recently. Lol, can you imagine what I thought it was before I understood it was the "hump" of the week?

Anyhoot, my Aunt brought us fresh ripe strawberries from SoCal and I had 2 recipes in my PinterestĀ board just waiting for them! I'm happy to share these 2 amazing recipes from Eat, Live, Run and Baking Bites.

I initially made this Strawberry on Strawberry deliciousness fromĀ Eat, Live, RunĀ but I wanted to try it with a Chocolate cupcake fromĀ Baking Bites. Both options were winners in my book!

The Strawberry frosting was the shining star of this recipe, and it made enough to ice 24 cupcakes, 24 mini cupcakes AND approximately 3 cups worth to save for a rainy day (AKA, an excess of frosting). I have to be honest and say I rarely ever sift anything (its possible I don't have the technique down but it takes me HOURS to sift) so maybe I got powdered sugar happy and it made extra? Anyhoot, it was DELICIOUS so I didn't mind having extra.

The Strawberry cake was yummy too but for some, it might have been a little too much Strawberry on Strawberry action.

So two days later, I opted to try them with a chocolate cupcake recipe. When I finished the chocolate cupcakes, I only had time to snap a picture at dawn (bright and early before my 9-5) so I apologize for the yellowish tint.

Overall, I heard the combination of the recipes (Fresh Strawberry Frosting and Chocolate Cupcake) was a true winner but I really loved both of these recipes and you can't go wrong with either! Check out the blogs for the full recipes:

Eat, Live, Run'sĀ  Strawberry Cupcake with Fresh Strawberry Frosting

Baking Bites' Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream
(FYI, I only made the cupcake)

Hospital Fashion

Check out this suh-weeet photo of my sister and I rockin the latest fashion trend:
Hospital Gowns and Latex gloves

My Grandma is set to come home either tomorrow or Thurs so all is well! But because of a potential bacteria, we had to suit up in order to visit her. It sounds more intense than it was. Ā I also got a huge kick out of saying "Suit Up!" a la Barney Stinson (HIMYM fans anyone!?)

Thanks again for all the prayers and good thoughts! Have a great Wednesday!


Happy Monday readers!

I'm feeling so incredibly blessed for the progress my grandma has made in the hospital and I know it is the blessings and kind thoughts that were sent her way. So in honor of feeling thankful, I wanted to start a new series based on things I love. Hopefully you'll find something you love too!

1. Family

Being part of my family is such a large part of who I am and it was even more strengthened by the recent events with my grandma. Knowing there is family to rush to the hospital when times get tough really makes my heart swell with pride. I'm so thankful for all the family that came to visit her, I know it made all the difference.

2. E! Network's Mrs. Eastwood and Company

As if I needed another show to watch, I could not stop laughing when Dina Eastwood took her housekeeper Lisa to a tattoo shop to get her nose pierced. Lisa is one of those motherly characters you can't help but love with her strong Korean accent and fierce honesty. While I wouldn't endorse resorting to such lengths to prove a point, it made for a good laugh. And nothing can beat the teenagers' reactions to seeing their piercings, it was sheer horror.

3. Color blocking

Photo via

I've always had a soft spot for bright pops of color contrasted with neutrals or darks but Jordin Sparks' dress at the Billboard Music Awards sent me over the edge into LOVE. She looks fabulous and I love the sharp line between the blue and the black. Plus, she rocked that song!

4. Old friends

Because I've been burned by friends before, I deeply treasure the friends who have stuck it out for the long haul. Last Saturday, we spent the night celebrating one of my best friend Vicky's birthday at R15. Vicky, Gabe and Rob have known each other since elementary school and I've know them for almost 9 years! Old friends are the best.

Sorry for the poor picture quality, I guess a bar w/ flash at night isn't the best setup. Lol

P.S. Ladies in the Sacramento area, Gabe is single šŸ™‚ Ā (but that handsome man in back, he's taken!)

5. Glee's Whitney episode

Photo via

I feel a comeback of the huge hair bow comin' on... Future DIY?

I know I'm like a few weeks late but for my fellow Gleeks out there, how AMAZING was the Whitney episode? They did every Whitney song I adored growing up and I think it was one of their best episodes in a long time. PerformingĀ How Will I KnowĀ as an acapella was remake GENIUS.

Are you lovin any of those things? I hope you all had a good weekend!

On a side note, I feel like an IDIOT because Disneyland raised prices for their annual Passport on Sunday and Rob and I were planning on a trip this Saturday to buy them! Of course I knew they were increasing but when I checked online Saturday, they were still showing up as $500 (which I thought was the increased price) so I wasn't sweating it. Come Monday, they're $649. FML. If we had bought them 2 days ago, we would have saved $300. There goes my dreams of owning an annual passport. :SIGH: