7 years as the Luckiest Girl Ever

Happy Tuesday everyone!

So I've been trying for MONTHS to write mine and Rob's love story (a staple of every blogger in a committed relationship) and I had all these plans to have it written by our 7 year anniversary, which was yesterday. But every time I put my fingers to the keyboard, I never felt like I was doing justice to what he and I share. Most of that is my A-type personality and my unreasonable need to get everything 100% right but that's just how my cookie crumbles. So instead, I decided to share a few of our photos and my thoughts towards Rob, I hope this does our 7 years justice (but I doubt it).

10 million Things I Love About You:

I love the way you make me laugh and make my worries light,

I love it when I'm in your arms and the universe just feels right.

I love it when you give me sass but let me talk things through,

I love that you make me feel so beautiful, with all the right words too.

I love it when you call me every night and snore with me on the phone,

I love that everyday you're dreaming of buying our dream home.

I love that you have such big dreams but an even bigger heart,

I love that you don't get mad at me, when I warn you of a fart.

I love that you love my crazy family, even when they're always around,

I love that you have a magical way of being my lost and found.

I love that there's nothing I can't do in your eyes, that you'll never let me fall,

I love that there's not one thing I hate about you, not one bit, not even at all.

(Idea totally stolen from my favorite 90s movie, bonus points if you love that movie too!)

Since Rob and I started dating 7 years and 1 day ago, we fall asleep every night on the phone together (thank GOD for unlimited night minutes). And we're that annoying couple that sits next to each other in restaurants (so sue me, we like holding hands). And yes, I ALWAYS give Rob's a heads up when I fart. He's my lost and found because he always picks up my phone when I leave it everywhere. Basically, without Rob I'd be insane and without a cell phone all the time. But most of all, without Rob, I wouldn't be lucky enough to have found my soul mate, true love and best friend all in the same man. Thank you for 7 wonderful years boo, here's to 10 million more!

And I have to put it on record that in 2,556 days together, we have never ONCE broken up (knock on wood). 84 wonderful continuous months together, I'm the luckiest girl in the world, I swear.


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30 thoughts on “7 years as the Luckiest Girl Ever

  1. i was gonna be annoying and ask that "question" but wait, i hate that "question" too hahahaha...

    OMAGAH GURL!! Happy 7th annie. 7 is my favorite number. I have yet to blog about the Pillow and I (it will happen)... and yes. I may act like a dude but I do give Rob heads up on the farting game. Even he does it. You know that you got the right one when you're farting is just natural hahahaha...

    High five to both of you!

  2. I love this! Congratulations. You two are a darling couple and I can just tell you are so in love and are best friends. I love your list too! So sweet.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and Rob! Even though I only met Rob for like 2 minutes, but you two are incredibly cute together. Rob, you're one lucccckkkky guy <3

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