As of Lately…


Hi there friends! Happy July! I'm so happy to be back. Here's a little rundown on what I've been up to in the past month since I took my bloggy break:


  • I designed a new header! What do you think? Blog changes are rolling out slow and steady, stay tuned!
  • We had a blast taking our engagement photos with Emily at Anna Delores Photography.
  • I've still been working on my fitness journey but it's been progressing at a slow rate (aka, I'm getting progressively lazier MEH).
  • We went to the 24 hour day at Disneyland and made it until 4:30 am (just 1.5 hours short of closing)!
  • I've fallen into a deep passionate love...with hazelnut gelato.
  • We planned our wedding, then re planned it, changed our minds 100 more times and have now (kinda) decided on the wedding we want. Finally booked a venue!
  • My new favorite piece of clothing: maxis. Cannot. Get. Enough.
  • We've been watching a lot of movies at the drive ins because of the warm summer nights. I LOVED Monsters University! 🙂
  • I ate sushi. A lot of sushi.

So what's new with you?! I've missed you all terribly!!

xo, Evani

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23 thoughts on “As of Lately…

  1. I really heart the new blog look! and I actually missed you. 🙂 I'd love to go to the drive-ins, I had never been at one. we do have open air cinema, but you have to leave your car elsewhere. :/

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