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Hi friends!

So like I mentioned, Wednesdays will be wedding related. I have a ton of old projects, details, and photos to share but I apologize in advance that all of these will be awful iPhone photos since our camera didn't exist yet.

One of the first things we did after being engaged was decide on our bridesmaids and groomsmen and I couldn't wait to put together a kit to ask them to be in our bridal party! Since most of my bridesmaids weren't local, I knew it had to travel well and it couldn't be perishable. I also wanted it to be functional. I found these perfect bridesmaids tote bags at Francesca's in chevron print with teal, I added nail polish, champagne and then painted the first letter of their names. Finally, I packed it up with bubble wrap, tissue and washi tape.

The funny thing was, I ended up hand delivering most of these so I decided to forgo a card with a clever saying in exchange for a good old fashioned verbal invite to stand up with me at my wedding. It felt really personal that way. My maid of honor Auva and I bawled our eyes out while she opened hers. Haha.

Bridesmaid Gifts
Bridemaid "Will You" gifts

For the men, we spotted a few ideas on Pinterest and tailored it to Rob's obvious love for Patron (he is Mexican after all). We found the mini flasks at World Market, repurposed some of my Birchboxes to hold everything, made a cute little sign and away they went!

Groomsmen gift
Groomsmen "Will You" Gifts

One of the useless and unique parts of our will-you gifts was that I was absolutely anal about having the exact shade of crinkle filler paper to pack them with so we made our own! We cut tons of strips of teal, white and black cardstock and hand folded it. Rob looked at me crazy when I suggested this but he knows I always win in the end. :)

Luckily, all of them said yes. Interesting enough, we both only started with 4 guys/girls each and by the end of our 18 month engagement it ended up growing into 7 guys/girls on each side. So much for that small bridal party! But considering how much we love each and everyone one of them, I wouldn't have changed it for the world. They are our forever friends :)

The will-you gifts were one of my favorite things to come up with for the wedding (also we did these about a year in advance so wedding stress was low. haha) and looking back, there's so much more I would have done. Maybe I'll dream up some more ideas and post them for future Wedding Wednesdays, for those of you who haven't gotten married yet.

It's been officially 1 month and 2 days since our wedding and we've still got roughly another month until we get our professional pics from our amazing wedding photographer Emily of Anna Delores Photography. I cannot wait! In the meantime, I'll share some venue pictures with you next week and maybe sprinkle in a wedding photo or two also!

In terms of being married, I LOVE it! People ask if it feels any different and in a lot of ways, it really does. We feel a little bit more like a family unit of our own and it still makes us smile goofy when we call each other husband and wife. Plus no wedding stress = AMAZING. Haha I don't think I'll be one of those wives with post-wedding blues... mostly because I know there's so many of our friends' future weddings to help plan!

How was your weekend?




Hello blog loves!

Before I reignited Simply Evani, I gave our look a little lift. Nothing too crazy, I'm lovin the simplistic look that's in style in the blog world lately. Feel free to shoot me any suggestions or comments on it! :)

Anyhoots, 4th of July was an enjoyable 3 day weekend with spectacular weather here in Northern California. Rob and I picnicked at a local park with our families and friends. Mostly, I took 10 billion photos with our new camera! We bought it as a wedding present to ourselves (lol, that's a thing right, buying yourself a present for surviving the wedding?) and I'm obsessed with it, albeit still learning the basics of photography not on an iPhone.

Fourth1Siblanngsss aka 2 of my favorite people ever.

Fourth2Rob and his dad chillaxin

Fourth6My adorable parents! {After my Dad BBQ'd full steaks for everyone!}




Fourth8We spent hours doing the sparkler photos, it was SO much fun!

Also, if you noticed my hair looking shorter, my sister and I both chopped off 5.5 inches of hair. Its barely noticeable to anyone else (except for the 2 of us, we were both freaking out) but in case anyone noticed my hair being shorter than the wedding photos I've posted, I figured it was worth confirming. I desperately wanted to donate my hair again but everywhere I looked denied highlighted hair. :/


Speaking of the wedding, I'm dying to share details and photos with all of you but I figure I'd give those who are absolutely wedding-ed out, an exit route. So I'm going to stick to posting wedding related things to Wednesdays (Wedding Wednesdays) so you can simply skip me on Wednesday if weddings make you feel icky. And trust me, I understand, the onslaught of weddings and/or babies is intense for 20 and 30-somethings lately.

Not a terribly exciting first blog post back but hey, that's life. I was overjoyed to see comments on my last post from a lot of my favorite blogger friends so I'm happy you've stuck around. Community and friendship (and archiving memories of course) is what keeps me blogging so thank you for being here!

So PLEASE tell me what's new in your life lately?! How was your 4th? If you comment, tell me something going on in your life lately! 

For my new tidbit, I need to proclaim my undying love for Sam Smith's new album In the Lonely Hour. Sam has 3 hits on the radio right now (two under the the band/DJs Disclosure) and I think it's physically impossible to hate his voice. If you haven't heard his hauntingly beautiful cover of Whitney Houston's How Will I Know, click on the link below and thank me later!




It's official, I'm a married woman.

It feels... GOOD. Good because Rob and I are officially husband and wife after 8 amazing years but also good because I AM FREEEEEE. Wedding planning can truly be a burdensome task and it feels really liberating for it to be over.

There's so much to share, and I'll be going back to re-hash a lot of craft projects, big events and of course share pictures of the big day (which was everything I hoped it would be!).

But for now, I just wanted to pop in and say "Hi!" and that I've missed the blog world.

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!


I've had this post pending in my que for a long time... For some reason, I didn't post it right when I wrote it and for the last few weeks, I'd contemplated not posting it at all but that doesn't feel right either. It originally started as a post to highlight why I love the field I work in but as I wanted to share my personal story, it became much more. This post is a snapshot of my life, as it was in mid-March and although circumstances have changed, it doesn't change the feelings.


(Post written on March 21)

When I was a little girl, my grandpa (also known as "Lolo") was a long time cigarette smoker. I was young but I already knew I disliked the smell (and I still do). My cousin and I, both no older than 8-9 years old convinced Lolo to quit smoking by pleading with him to quit repeatedly. And luckily, he did. ...continue reading