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Happy Thursday everyone!

First and foremost, a huge thank you for all the wonderful comments I got on yesterday's blog. You all are too kind to me and I can't express enough gratitude for everything you contribute to Simply Evani and frankly, to my life! I have the BEST blog friends.

So one of my lovely readers got engaged this weekend (Yay, Y! So happy for you girl!) and it reminded me of some photos from a beautiful wedding Rob and I attended back in September. Check out this beautiful outdoor venue!

Clearly these are my iPhone photos, not their official photos. Ah, what I would do for a DSLR.

The barn was located behind the bride's family home so basically the reception was on her families' beautiful land! It was a wedding right out of Pinterest, with the burlap table runners and the groom and groomsmen wearing suspenders and newsboy caps. The bride of course looked so beautiful. The reception occurred right before sunset so it was the perfect span of time for photographs too (magic hour anyone?). Overall, a beautiful night for a beautiful couple! Thanks for having us E and I 🙂

So....weddings. All I have to say on this topic is that after almost 7 years of being together there is only 1 question that gets us feeling awkward in front of other people. Honestly, Rob and I talk about marriage and weddings in private, relatively often. But if you ask us "So when's the big day/wedding?" with both of us present, it gives us 5 seconds to come up with what we spend hours talking about. More often than not, Rob gets this deer-in-headlights look in his eyes and I end up starting a schpeal of our reasons for waiting, most of it being our personal desires for financial security. Overall the moral of the story: We've been together for almost 7 years (don't worry it IS happening) and we'll get married when we darn right choose to! If you're invited, you'll get the invite. (And if you're just DYING to ask about the big day, it's always easier for us to answer individually.)

I know everyone warned me there would come a day that everyone I knew would be getting married. That, I was somewhat prepared for. But I did NOT know that when I turned 24, every engagement video I watched would end up making me cry hysterically. THIS one gets me everytime (click on the link, wait for it to load and press play!). It's like as soon as the girl realizes she's being proposed to, I'm BAWLING. It's not a pretty sight. I swear I wasn't always a helpless ball of emotion. Or maybe I was, who knows...

Am I the only insane woman in the world? What videos make you cry these days?

(Share the videos! I love to cry. Lol)

P.S. I love you Rob, thanks for putting up with the constant barrage of people wondering when our day will come. I know it will come someday, don't worry. (But if we get to our 10 year anniversary and I don't have a ring yet, I will ask you myself. You know I will.)

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11 thoughts on “Before you ask…

  1. hmm the video isn't loading, but wedding/engagement videos make me cry. Actually, come to think of it, everything makes me cry hahaha I'm not watching anything right now that makes me cry, but I think what hits home for me the most, is watching Military Homecoming videos. Those always makes BAWL like a baby. Boogers and all.

    Have you seen the one engagement video where this guy did a flash mob dance at Disney World or something?

  2. I have a few friends that have been together for 6/7 years, too and they still aren't engaged or married. I don't think the years you've been together matters that much. A lot of people get married after 2 years, some wait 10. People just lovvvveee being nosy!

    Life Unsweetened

  3. Seriously, once you're out of college and you are dating someone, the questions come at you like crazy. When are you getting married? When are you buying a house? When are you going to pop out a baby!? It's like, seriously, just give me a moment please! And quite frankly, those are pretty personal events in your life! You never know how to answer people because all you really want to say is "leave me alone", haha. BUT, I am super excited for when it does happen for you! 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. Such a gorgeous wedding! I love the rustic theme.

    When people start asking you when you're getting married, you should have a good comeback ready. Like if they're married without kids, ask them when they're having kids lol. Too mean? haha

  5. I couldn't see the video, but the pictures you posted are beautiful.

    I've never been a fan of the "when the time is right" , it sounds like an excuse. To me, there will never be a right time. And that's in all situations. Having babies, moving, changing jobs. etc.

  6. GURL, we are like major high-fiving each other to the core.
    Being an Asian girl, ok scratch that, being an Indonesian girl, that whole marriage question thing is something I get constantly for a girl my age. Rob & I will always say, "aww probably next year... we're saving up $$$ right now." (we've been dating for 4+years)

    Sounds legit, right? What irritates me is when they answer back, "Saving $$$? You both make good amount of money! You're an RN and he's an engineer!! C'mon now..."

    Then I chuckle... IF they only knew our situation. IF only they knew that I'm supporting my family of 4 and he's supporting his mother's business in Indonesia. Yes we both make decent money (we actually make the same annually) and YES we can SAVE UP a LOT of money, but the thing is that's not the case. We're both struggling to save and support our own families at the same time... So dinero is scarce.

    And yes we are talking about weddings. I've been giving him the look since last year when we got more serious. Hahahaha... We're both ready but not wallet ready. Esp being Asian. hahahah...

    So I'm with you gurl!

  7. The wedding looked beautiful - the canopy of lights is absolutely gorgeous! The photos are so pretty and make the occasion look really special. I'm sure you and Rob have your reasons for waiting and you don't need to explain them to anyone - it's between the two of you and not being married doesn't take away anything from the relationship 🙂

  8. Wow, that wedding looks absolutely amazing. And like you said, right out of pinterest! haha. Getting married is ultimately the two people in the relationship's decision! So if you're waiting to become more financially stable for the two of you, do what you feel is right! 🙂 I've only been with my boyfriend for almost a year and a half and although I've had a few friends of mine ask if I think he'll pop the question soon, I always tell them no. I'm not in a rush and both of us are still making money to live off of. But I do know many people who have waiting many years before they finally get married! No big deal!! 🙂

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