Casual Friday

I can't begin this post without first commenting on the strength of the people of Boston and those who attended the Boston Marathon. Since that terrible day, I've read some amazing stories and blog posts of people who love Boston and aren't going to let this tragedy ruin their city or their love for running. I will continue to pray for Boston and all the local and federal help continuing this fight today in Watertown.

Yesterday, I caught a 24 hour stomach flu that my brother graciously passed on to the rest of my family. I must've used the bathroom close to 20 times yesterday and it was an unpleasant day to say the least. I think it only stopped because there was nothing left in my stomach at all. Pleasant, I know.  The upside was that my sister and I got to spend the day together, catching up on the entire season of Smash. Great show, it's like the adult version of Glee with a more refined plot.

This weekend is Picnic Day, which is a UC Davis holiday. And by holiday, I mean it entails large amounts of liquor consumption and general awesomeness. So if this stomach flu will stop kicking my butt, I will be returning to the homeland and passing off as an undergrad because I still can (although technically Picnic Day is a homecoming for the alums, so HA).

I'm feeling lack luster in terms of coming up with more to say. I don't know if it's my completely empty stomach or the fact it's Friday and my brain has shut off but I hope you have a great weekend!

What are your weekend plans?

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9 thoughts on “Casual Friday

  1. Hope you feel better soon! The plan this weekend is to go to a birthday party Saturday afternoon and rearrange the bedroom on Sunday.

  2. I hope you have recovered from your stomach flu - that doesn't sound pleasant to say the least! I haven't watched Smash but I've heard mixed reviews about it (and some very negative ones) - I guess I will need to see it and make up my own mind!

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