Casual Friday: Best friends, Sangria and New Hair!

FRIDAY, I've been waiting for you!

It's been awhile since Casual Friday so for those of you who might be new to the blog, this is the day where I put my casual jeans on and let my hair down. Blog-wise, anything goes on Casual Friday!

- I've been blessed with an extraordinary amount of time with my best friends lately. My soul sister Hazel was back in town from med school and Wednesday, we spent hours catching up over sushi and dessert. Then last night, I had a much-needed google+ hangout with my 2 long distance loves, Eva and Chid. If Simply Evani had a cheering squad, those 2 would be leading it. They are devoted blog readers and when I'm in a rut, Eva and Chid know just what to say to make everything okay. But I am missing a certain best friend of mine who is galavanting over in Iran for way too long....

NightOutwAuvaI miss you already Auva! These are photos from a night out I had with my bestie and of course, Rob. And yes, I'm shamelessly included maybe one of the ONLY selfies I've taken in a long time. So sue me. 😉 Thanks Chris for the necklace!

- Oh Paesano's Sangria. There's nothing like a tall glass of you on a warm day in spring. You + Me + Patio seating = True Love

- I made Nutella frosting last night. I'm pretty sure nothing will be the same EVER again. Recipe for that coming soon!

- My trainer nearly killed me yesterday. It was the first time since starting PT that I literally felt like crying from frustration. Partially frustration with myself for letting my body and health get so out of hand but also the kind of frustration that really motivates you. That sense of pushing boundaries and reaching outer limits is EXACTLY why a personal trainer was the right fit for me. More on this soon!

- My new hair color! I know this is a repeat for most of you Instagram followers but here's a pic if you haven't seen it already. I absolutely love it, thank you Pilar!

NewHair- Rob and I are going to see a new wedding venue (well new to us) this afternoon and I'm REALLY excited. They've been featured on Style My Pretty a few times and honestly, who doesn't dream of seeing their wedding on that site?!

- I'm headed to LA this weekend to meet up with a few of my bloggy friends (probably Melissa, Rima and Nicole) but I won't be going to Anaheim! I'm not sure how my body will react, being so physically close to Disneyland but not ACTUALLY going. I hope LA can keep me occupied!


Nicole shared some pretty exciting news about a BIG move!

My dear friend Tammy let me guest post about engagement on her blog.

My love Yi-chia can really rock a pair of Tori Burch boots with a spring outfit.

Jen shared something benefiting a cause near and dear to my heart, autism.

Elle posted a DIY for a super simple skin brightening mask!

Lyss has me pining over navy stripes.

What do you have planned this weekend? 

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25 thoughts on “Casual Friday: Best friends, Sangria and New Hair!

  1. Your hair is GORG!!! I wish I could ever get mine to curl and be all bouncy like that. All mine does is be straight. And I'll take that sangria while we're at it too. Can't leave that behind.

  2. Oh girl I could suck down one of those sangrias right this minute, lol.
    And your hair looks FAB. I'm getting mine done next week...woo!


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