Casual Friday: It’s a Good Day

For today's Casual Friday, I'm rockin' a high pony and a sundress (1. Because I was too lazy to wash my hair and 2. Because I was too lazy to put on more than one piece of clothing).


Last weekend, I got to spend the day tearing up LA with fellow blog friends Rima, Melissa, Gaby and Nicole (picture of us coming soon Nicole!). It was one of my favorite weekends of 2013 thus far with beach time, great conversations and lots of good food. More on this next week!

This is still one of my favorite videos of all time. ALL TIME.

Fitness Check In: So I was a little bummed to weigh myself yesterday and realize I haven't lost ANYTHING since starting my personal training journey. I know there's a lot of factors that play into that and I KNOW I'm sweating my butt off during my sessions but I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm just a tiiiiny bit discouraged. I won't give up though! If anything, its made me even more determined because pshhh I'm not paying $200+ a month to stay the same size!

CAUTION: This may make today the best day ever if you were raised in the late 90's - early 2000's. I downloaded the Tamagotchi app! It's like the real deal people. It's called Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. and it makes my 10 year old self jump on the bed with excitement.

Tamagotchi AppImage via

Did you ever own a Tamagotchi or Nano Pet??

Okay, I swear I'm STILL laughing about this buzzfeed list that Rachel posted. Could not be more true and relevant since I'm turning 25 this year.

This is a good quote to end Casual Friday on:


What are your weekend plans?

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16 thoughts on “Casual Friday: It’s a Good Day

  1. Oh look at you LA girls 😉 Wish I can come next time. Had to prepare for Ron's birthday needs (aka buy a grill) and nurse my swollen ankle. LOL Looking forward to hearing more about you girls' adventure!

  2. I can completely relate to feeling discouraged by not seeing the numbers on the scale go down! I've been working out/eating well and I've taken to avoiding the scale just because it doesn't help anything to see the numbers staying the same. I do notice my work pants are a little less tight, so maybe try to find things like that? But it's so great that you're working out hard girl! Keep at it! You look super cute at your blogger meet up, I wish I lived closer than 300 miles and could have been there! I never had a Tamagotchi as a kid so I might download that app-- I wonder if Casey would get jealous? Have a fabulous weekend Evani! xo

  3. I miss you guys. I really need a job that lets me travel and stay in California more often.

    Don't be discouraged by the scale. You're doing a great job! Take note of the small things like how your clothing fits. And you have to always remember that muscle weighs more than fat. Keep it up and you'll see the numbers change eventually.

  4. I LOVE that ellen clip. I've seen it before and it gets me every time! I totally used to have a nano pet. It was like, the coolest thing ever in my entire childhood.. this goes to show you how exciting my childhood was. This weekend we finally do not have any plans and it feels great! Hope you have an awesome one! 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Resisting the urge to download the Tamagotchi app... I had one, but I wasn't as obsessed with it as my best friend was with her NanoPet. That whole craze happened when I was in the 8th grade and our school banned them, but my best friend kept hers in her locker and checked on it in between classes and made me stand guard.... I always thought it was really funny because otherwise she was the biggest goody-goody and this was her one huge act of rebellion.

  6. Kristen Bell is one of my favorites, and I always crack up over that sloth video. She's so cute–and honestly, I wish someone would bring a sloth to my next birthday party!

  7. oh my god. I'm downloading the tamagotchi app as we speak!! I had the basic tamagotchi (white & blue egg haha) and I had the dog nano pet... then my friend decided she hated her cat nano pet so I adopted it. I had this large keyring constantly hanging from my belt loop hahah!
    (Ps-I laugh so hard that that Kristen Bell video that I cry every time)

    With Luck Blog

  8. That Ellen clip is so funny and sweet! How fun to get together with some blogging friends. My husband and I are going out to dinner this weekend just the two of us... this only happens once in a blue moon, so I'm really looking forward to it! Have a great weekend!

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