Casual Friday: Searching for No Corkage Fees

Sorry I've been blog-MIA this week, both here and on social networks. Rob's Grandma passed away recently and we've been spending a lot of time with his wonderful family. It's been a good reminder to keep family close to your heart and relish in the time you spend with them.

At a local wine bar, I let curiosity get the best of me and we ordered a bacon-related dessert. It was Churro balls with caramelized fuji apples and bacon infused  ice cream. Let's just say this is the first bacon related item that I'd pass on. Not surprisingly enough, Rob gobbled it all up.

Bacon Ice Cream from 58 degrees | Simply EvaniYup, that's bacon chunks on ice cream.

- I've also been having somewhat of a quarter life crisis (like I do every 3 months 😉 ) and I'd like to blame Mish. I've never really been one for extended travel as I get homesick very very easily but every picture of Bali and Thailand Mish posts, I dream of packing up my things and starting a journey of my own. And I'm starting to annoy EVERYONE around me about how badly I want to just travel the world. Psh, wedding? Who does those anymore?

- Personal training is kicking my BUTT. Every Tuesday and Thursday I sleep like a baby.

Since the exponential climb in my love for wine, I've been on the hunt for places that don't have corkage fees. The first time we ate at a no corkage fee restaurant, my mind was BLOWN that you could bring in your own bottle of wine, no charge and they'd serve it to you.

Sellands | Simply Evani

This is Sellands in El Dorado Hills, pretty isn't it?

- I made my hair appointment for this Saturday! I'm leaning towards something like this. I'm hoping I love it and then maybe I'll post a preview picture on Instagram! Other than that, our weekend is looking pretty open and carefree.

Weekends | Simply Evani

What are you weekend plans?

Which one wins the battle of spending (for you, personally): Wedding or World traveling?

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24 thoughts on “Casual Friday: Searching for No Corkage Fees

  1. Cool, I have never heard of a no-fee place where you can bring your own wine- awesome.

    In terms of money for wedding vs travel, I would divide my money at least 50/50 (or perhaps more in favor of travel). So if I had $15,000 to spend, I`d maybe spend $5000-7500 on the wedding, and $7500-10000 to travel/take a few months to enjoy being married 🙂

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