Friday Letters


Happy Friday everyone!

I wasn't feeling too hot yesterday so I took a little break, I hope you didn't mind! I actually spent most of my day crafting in bed so I took time off to make things I'm planning to share with you here. Forgive me? 🙂 Let's do some Friday Letters!

Dear Sleep Cycle, You and I, we need to get on the same page. I've had such luck for the past 2 years with my "adult" sleep cycle, which included starting my blog posts at 11:00 pm. But now that I have to get up a mere 45 minutes earlier in the morning, I find myself conked out at 10:00 pm. This won't work!

Dear Peyton Manning and the Broncos, YES. More on that another day.

Dear Mikunis, You never fail. Everytime I eat you, I can't help thinking that when I'm pregnant, I will be so unbelievably sad I can't have you for 9 months...

Dear ladies of the Let's Get Physical link up, SO excited to have you all on board. Look out for an e-mail soon about the ways we can all get active this month! Don't forget you can still link up until next Wednesday, join in!

Dear Disneyland, I had a dream Rob and I were there enjoying a corn dog. Sigh. Why don't I ever get tired of you? Good news is that we'll be there the weekend of Dec 21st!

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What are your plans this weekend? How do you feel about sushi?

Have a great weekend everyone!


Happy Friday everyone!

I am blogging from our hotel in Anaheim and I just thought I'd type out a quick Friday letters! Linking up with Ashley.

Dear 6 inches of hair I cut off, sorry I nearly screamed when you hit the ground (just kidding, I'm not THAT much of a nut). But seriously, it all seemed like fun and games until I walked out and held the remnants of what was left in my head. I guess in theory it doesn't look short to anyone else but me but considering my hair was almost grazing the ground, I'm still freaked out... Pics to come.

Dear Disneyland, I'M COMING FOR YOUUUUUUUU. In 30 minutes. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

We're gonna do it guys, Rob and I are getting hitched at City Hall . Lol JK

Dear Philips Sonicare toothbrush, I feel a million times cooler brushing with you. You even have a USB charger?!  CRAZY.

Dear lovely amazing fantastic readers, thank you for the barrage of kind comments this week, I really can't tell you how much I value each and every one. I'm so fortunate to have you in my life! Feel free to check out my guest post over at the lovely Liz's blog and leave a comment if you happen to totally agree or disagree 😉

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Dear iPhone 5, After hours of deliberation on the drive to LA, it's decided. I can't live without you. Apple has me in their chokehold... Now to hang out on hold for an hour while I give them all my money.... CURSE YOU APPLE!

Happy weekend everyone


Happy Friday loves!

Since I'd seen Friday Letters by Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds, I've been contemplating sharing my own and this week, I decided to give it a shot!

Dear Target, how do you ALWAYS find a way to get me to spend twice the amount of money I came in for? I walked in to buy 1 thing yesterday and left with 3 cardigans and 2 dresses that I wasn't planning on! I just can't quit you.

Dear Let Them Eat Cake, I never knew a cupcake could bring me so much joy. I remember being in college and trekking over on Thursdays just so I could have the Galaxy Far Far Away cupcake. When I stopped by last night completely unaware that it was indeed a Thursday, I let out an audible squeal of joy seeing my beloved Galaxy cupcake waiting for me. Thank you to the kind employee at Let Them Eat Cake who merely smiled at my craziness.

{I realize it may not look like much but inside this milk chocolate cupcake is a rich caramel filled center topped with a chocolate and caramel frosting. The proportion doesn't look right but trust me, it TASTES right. }k

Dear Sunshine, I'm SO happy you're here but since my family and I will be outside all weekend for my brother's baseball pre-state all star tournament, I'd looooove if you could dial it down a few notches? Mid 80s maybe?

Dear new followers and all my lovely readers, I can't tell you how much each and every subscription and comment means to me. I appreciate each and every one of you and I wish I could do more to show my appreciation. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Dear UCD Grads taking cap and gown photos yesterday, seeing you made my heart hurt a little yesterday. I can't believe 2 full years have passed since I graduated college, it feels like an eternity ago. I wonder how much time will pass for me to stop missing college... Anyways, Good luck to all you Grads, graduation is such an achievement!

It's funny how candid pictures can be some of your favorites. With 2 of my best friends 🙂

<;3 Friends at Graduation

Actually, a funny story about graduation. So my friends and I sit through nearly the entire 3 hour ceremony (since we were in the last section) and 15 minutes before we get up to walk the stage, my heel just snaps off. The heel part of just my left shoe, comes right off. And this is TOTALLY something that would happen to me. So while I'm panicking, thinking I'm going to end up walking the stage barefoot, Rob runs back to my apartment and brings me a 2nd pair of shoes. Haha all I could think about was starting my new adult life, on completely the wrong foot (pun intended). Anyhoot thanks to Rob, the rest of graduation went off without a hitch and 2 years later, here I am! Anyone else have funny graduation stories?

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What do you have planned this weekend?

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend loves!!