Let’s Get Physical


I apologize in advance for the novel...

I can proudly say that I not only accomplished my April goals but I've found the drive and motivation it takes to make health and fitness part of my life for the long haul.

... My Fitness Background ...

I've never been an athlete. I loathe running. I virtually avoided doing any physical activity that I didn't have to do. There were a few stretches where I would start going to the gym for a week or so and eventually just stop going because life was "too hectic". My diet was average for someone who never actively watched what they ate. I blamed a lot of my weight on a family history of obesity and frankly, I was good at hiding my weight and knowing how to flatter my size. That's just to give you some insight - healthy fitness choices did NOT come natural to me.

... Best Investment : Personal Training  ...

In March, I decided to hire a personal trainer and financially invest in my fitness goals. Despite the gaping hole in my savings, hiring a trainer was the best money I've ever spent, hands down. It not only got me to the gym twice a week but it gave me the best motivation I could ever hope for: complete and utter humiliation at the state of my physical fitness. My trainer is SO amazing and she's never once said a discouraging word to me. But as I pushed through work outs and felt every muscle in my body want to give up, I realized that my health was NOT something I could push aside any longer. I was embarrassed that I'd let it get that far, that I had let myself and my health take a back seat in my OWN life.

... The Vital Component: Meal Planning ... 

As soon as it stopped being about how other people saw me or the number on the scale, that's when I knew there was no stopping me. The motivation came from within, from the pride I felt in sore muscles and the joy of feeling my body become strong. About 2 weeks into my personal training, I decided it was time for another big change: the meal plan. I couldn't keep going to the gym, working my a$% off and then eating twice as many calories as I should. So my trainer gave me my first meal plan and it's been a HUGE part of my life ever since (If my readers are interested, I can share my basic meal plan and how I approach food now). Meal planning has been CRUCIAL to my fitness journey and I desperately wish I had started it sooner.

... The Click (and signing Rob up too!) ...

About a month into my personal training is when the diet and exercise really came together and clicked for me. Fitness quickly became a BIG part of my life and soon it became all I wanted to talk about or do. Since Rob and I do nearly everything together, I knew I had to bring him on board. So we hired a (my 2nd) personal trainer that Rob and I are now doing training together with twice a week. Making fitness important to Rob and I as a couple was vital to this process because not only do I want him to get healthy too, I want us to grow together in the direction of healthy living.  And lucky for me, he's loving it too!

... On Discouragement ...

I can't say I've lost a ton of weight since I started almost 2 months ago. And honestly, I put ON weight when I started working out and I felt pretty discouraged. But that discouragement, it pushed me harder than I've ever gone. I know that the scale hasn't proven much but the fit of my clothes, the strength of my body and my endurance all speak for themselves. This is the beginning of a new me.

That's not to say there aren't HARD days. Notice that it took a full MONTH to get my diet and exercise on track to weight loss. I don't always look forward to hitting the gym and I definitely give myself cheat meals weekly. But now that working out has become such a huge part of my life, it's not as HARD as it used to be.

... Progress and The Scariest Thing I've Ever Done ...

Even here on my public blog, I tend to stay pretty guarded and I'll admit, I actively put my best foot forward. I only post pictures I REALLY like on my blog, because I care a lot about what other people think. But because I want this process to be truly transparent and to prove that losing weight can happen with good old fashioned diet and exercise, I'm going to do something that truly scares me half to death... Here's my progress photos of April and into May. (I really wish I had done it with a gosh darn shirt on but I NEVER thought I'd be sharing them here!)

ProgressPhotosI didn't even edit out my sister's crazy laundry in the background, that's how you know these photos weren't edited in photoshop!

I've still got a LONG way to go and hopefully I start seeing the scale numbers slide down but overall, I think the pictures show the progress I've made in a month with healthy eating and exercise. When I look at that top picture, I can't even believe I let myself get to that point and I know I'll do everything in my power to keep moving forward!

... Let's Get Physical ...

So on to Let's Get Physical... While this month I didn't go the traditional format of LGP (which is open to change if participants have any suggestions!), I hope I've said it enough: Fitness has become a huge part of who I am now. I'm hopeful that Let's Get Physical will evolve with me because I know that the support of blogger friends has been so critical to my success. I can't wait to click over to your links so I can get even more inspired!

The link up with stay active for a week and close on May 15 at 11:59 pm PST. Remember the only requirement of LGP is that you comment on the 2 bloggers in the link up above you and give them some encouragement!

I'm still so shocked I decided to post my progress pictures out there for the internet... But hey if you don't do things that scare you once in awhile, what's the point in living right? (Please God, let me not regret posting this someday...)

Thank you all so much for the unending support I get on this fitness journey. Every sweet comment, e-mail and tweet pushes me the right direction. Thank you all so much.

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Before we get started, I guest posted (a good read for all you girls in a long term relationship) over at one of my favorite blogs, Tammy's Lemons, Avocados and the Bay while she's in Israel. So feel free to stop by, get to know Tammy's blog and leave me some comment love, I would really appreciate it! 🙂

It's that time again friends....

Let's Get Physical April!


So personal training has been going really well. I haven't missed a session yet so that means I am at the gym at least twice a week (which is 200% more than I used to go before I hired one). I'll blog about my experience with personal training soon, maybe as a mid-point check in for April. 🙂 So while I'm getting to be more physically active, I do feel like I need to work on other aspects. For some reason, March was a month that Rob and I decided to "act our own age" and that means I've had a few more glasses of beer, wine and late night bites. I need to make sure to account for that extra fun we're having. Also, I'm making a bigger effort to pick better food when we're eating out. Goodbye cheese fries, deep fried fish and pasta. It's time to quit cheating myself by acting like eating out is an excuse to splurge, it's NOT.

I've been reading Mama Laughlin lately to get my pumped for my weight loss. She is not only hilarious and basically everything I want to be, she's lost so much weight (the healthy way) and looks amazing!  I've got a short 2 months until engagement photos and roughly 14 months until the wedding. It's now or never!

Don't forget, if you link up, please comment on (at least) the 2 blogs above your link! For more detailed instructions on how to link up, here it is.

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It's only a few months until summer and beach season, do you have any fitness goals you're working towards?

Anyone have any low calorie advice on beer and wine? 😉

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I have a quick favor to ask of all my lovely readers/friends! So Rob and I are ALWAYS eating at our favorite sushi restaurant, Mikunis (pictured here and here). So yesterday when I noticed they had wedding contest, I entered us in! Please prettttttty please vote for us at this link. It's super simple, all it takes is a few clicks. How cool would it be to win a wedding from our favorite late night happy hour sushi spot? Thank you in advance! 🙂

It's that time again folks...

Let's Get Physical!

(Just in case you don't know what Let's Get Physical is, here's a graphic with the low down)

This is what February looked like in terms of fitness and health:

Let's Get Physical March Confessions Let's Get Physical March Facts Let's Get Physical March Goals

Since I'm was feeling so inspired and fired up by my fellow Let's Get Physical ladies, I did something big this week. I hired a trainer for the next 3 months! In case you're wondering what that cost, I'm still in shock that I could've bought another year of Disneyland Annual Pass for the price of my 26 half hour sessions, and THEN SOME. 1 half-hour personal training session at my gym costs roughly what a 3-course meal for 1 guest at my wedding venue is going to cost. So I joked with Rob that 26 people just got cut from our guest list. 😉

Anyways, it's ON like Donkey Kong people! When I signed the contract, I knew that this was the beginning of a new me - mostly because I can't fathom letting money going to waste. I plan to share all the details of how successful or unsuccessful weight loss can be with a physical trainer (and no, I'm totally not getting any kind of payment or discount for blogging about it) and maybe it can be an option for those of you who are struggling too.

Let's Get Physical is stepping it up a notch by offering weekly motivational e-mails, a Pinterest board for healthy recipes and a google community for tips, questions and support! The ladies who join me for LGP are the best and we'd love to have you!

Link up with LGP until next Wednesday, March 13th at 11:59 pm PST.

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Have you ever considering a Personal Trainer? Do you spend any money on fitness?

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It's that time again....

Let's Get Physical!

And because I have some pretty awesome friends who join in with this little link up of mine, I wanted to showcase some of their beautiful faces so without further adieu...

LGPRoyalty via Simply Evani

Find 'em here: Melissa -  Rima   -  Brighton  - Lyss

The point of Let's Get Physical is to connect with others who are on a fitness journey as well. If you don't relate to at least one food weakness or motivation of the ladies above, I just don't think you are a human being. I for one, relate to all of them (I may be biased because they're all close bloggy friends of mine).

So here's my check in of Let's Get Physical for February:

LGPFeb2013 with Simply Evani

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Link up today! (Open unto Feb 12 at 11:59 pm PST) Don't know how? Read this!


What serves as your BEST source of motivation to get some exercise?

How are you doing on any fitness relation resolutions you made in January?

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