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Today I've got a simple dessert to add to your Superbowl spread this Sunday!

While my heart is still broken from the Broncos loss to the Ravens (I know, I know, it was like 10 years ago already), I'll still be rocking my Manning jersey this Sunday and snackin' on some of these.

Football Cake Pops via Simply Evani

FootballCakePops via Simply EvaniI made these cake pops for my baby brother's birthday (hence the baking sheet as serving dish, 13 year olds aren't big on fancy displays) but I realized they'd be perfect to share for Superbowl Sunday. Literally all you do is make some cake pops, and glue this printable flag on top of them. Better yet, I've decided to share the printable too! (click below)

Football Flags via Simply Evani

I hope you enjoy them! All I ask is that you don't sell them and if you use them on your blog or post them on Facebook or Twitter, please tag me so I can see them too! 🙂 I love seeing everyone's finished products.

I've yet to do a cake pop baking tutorial so I think that's on the horizon but there are tons of amazing tutorials if you want to do them in the meantime (I love this simple one from Decorate This!).

Who are you rooting for this Sunday?

What are your favorite Superbowl snacks?

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Happy Monday everyone!

How was your weekend?!? So I missed the memo (or clearly ignored all signs) that Halloween weekend was THIS past weekend. I don't even have mine and Rob's costume done yet! Oh well, Halloween night it is. But I did make these super simple crayon costumes for a work party a week ago. When I saw these costumes on amazon (discovered by my coworker Ashlee), I used that as inspiration and came up with this!

Here's a picture of some of my WONDERFUL co-workers wearing them!

Clearly this half of our team won the relay race award! 🙂

Crafty tip: For the ladies, the shirt will obviously warp over your chest so I found that having my sister wear the shirt (with a tank top underneath) and hot gluing the felt to the seams of her shirt with the shirt on and cutting off the excess felt at the end, worked best.

Yesterday, I got my first reflexology deep tissue massage and my body was not happy with it. I ended up feeling really nauseous and then my hands "fell asleep" for nearly 4 hours. It was a really bizarre feeling. I will have to tell them to go A LOT easier next time.

Did you celebrate Halloween this weekend or are you waiting for Halloween night? What is/was your costume? 🙂



Hi there!

ERMAHGADDDD I'm still sick! For those of you who follow me on Twitter, I'm sorry all I can talk about is being ill but in case you haven't noticed, I'm a MISERABLE sick person. Like incredibly unpleasant to be around because all I want to do is whine about being sick. It's come back that is isn't strep, so now I have no clue why my body hates me right now. Sigh. Bear with me, Happy Evani will come back some day.

Since I'm drowning in Halls cough drop wrappers, I've decided to repost a guest post I did at one of my favorite blogs Anna Delores Blog. So in case you haven't seen it, here goes! Feel free to pin this, that would make my day! (Here's the original post if you're interested!)

So simple right? Anything I can paint chevron on, I will!

Will you do me a favor? Send happy thoughts, pray, ANYTHING that you can do, that this sickness will go away? My birthday is on Wednesday and I'd really love not to feel miserable...

I haven't read any blogs since Friday and the unreasonably high amount on my Bloglovin count makes me want to just clear-all. So in case I do that, feel free to leave me a comment with any Friday or Weekend blog entries you recommend (whether they're your blog or not!). I mean in general, your blogs are the most important ones for me to read anyways! 🙂

Also who watched that Ravens vs. Patriots game?!? AMAZING right?! 31-30, the Ravens fought hard for that W!

Last sidenote, the Emmys this year were hilarious! Can we just cut out all the award winning and keep doing the funny skits and stuff? That's the best part. That and the SUPER awkward moments when they do close ups on the nominees faces and they have no clue what to do. That's my JAM.

Hope your Monday is significantly better than mine!


Happy Thursday loves!

I cannot get over the wonderful and thoughtful responses I got on my blog yesterday, seriously it floors me everyday that I have people even remotely interested in my life. I appreciate every single response and while I'm cutting back on fanatically replying to every comment, I will definitely be responding to you all on that one. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Last night, despite having to a long to do list, Rob and I ventured to Davis for Farmers Market after work (I think Rob's still trying to cheer me up from my monthly slump because I know farmers markets aren't his favorite thing in the world). I attended UC Davis for my undergrad and every time I go back to visit, my heart hurts a little. Davis is the only other "city" I've ever lived in besides Sacramento/Elk Grove and it's full of SO many wonderful memories of college. And Farmers Market was one of my FAVORITE things about living in Davis. I used to stop by for my Market Salad after class every Wednesday so Rhonda, the woman who worked there gave me her cell phone number and I would call her when I was on my way so that she would make sure to set aside my salad for me!

The Market Salad from Monticello Bistro = BEST SALAD EVER.

Wednesdays are Picnic in the Park nights, lots to do for families, see all those bounce houses for kids in the back?

DIY Giftbags

After grabbing a few brews with our friend Chris, we ventured home to work on my latest project: Gift bags for my Mom. My Mom is a principal and for staff appreciation, I hand-make bags for her to give her staff. I didn't plan on posting about it on the blog (not really sure why I wouldn't but that's why the picture quality is AWESOME sucky) so I didn't take process pictures but I'm happy with how they turned out!

I started with stamping the bags, then painting a design using the stamp as a frame. The black paint is actually chalkboard paint written on with chalk marker. I free handed all the names and designs. I love the sheen of chalkboard paint, it really makes black pop. I dressed up the tags with some washi tape and used a stamp to say Thank You. There's a million more things I wanted to do but with a few hours, making 11 bags that was all I managed before climbing into bed at midnight.

Pardon the blurry picture. And clearly I had Target on my mind last night 😉

Despite being tired, I really do love crafting and making an idea come to life. Rob even stayed to help me with the stamping and although I think that relinquishes most of his man card, I love him for it! <3

I'm SO excited tomorrow is Friday because that means the weekend is almost here!

Happy Thursday!