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I have to admit, I'm often the type of person to judge a book by its cover. Likewise, I feel drawn to restaurants with catchy names so Bacon and Butter definitely caught my eye!

Opened in Sacramento May 2013, owner and chef Billy Zoellin filled the need for a Sacramento hearty brunch spot for the bacon lovers in all of us. The 28-year-old chef created the perfect merger between Sacramento's farm-to-fork claim to fame, without the pretentiousness that "foodie-friendly" places are synonymous for. While the ambiance is definitely current and hip (complete with mason jar water glasses), it remains pleasantly understated and the food truly speaks for itself.

I had the pleasure of having the FGT benedict, complete with fried green tomato, bacon, arugula, tarragon hollandaise, and classic poached eggs. The fried green tomato had the perfect crunch to it and because of that I hardly noticed the lack of english muffin with my benedict (which I was pleased with, less carbs, the better!). Rob chose the Breakfast burger, complete with Bacon and Butter's famous beef patty ground with bacon, brie cheese, even more bacon, a sunny side up egg and a smoked aioli. He was more than pleased and trust me, it was every bit as good as it sounds.

Lastly, for the road we grabbed a pair of their Apricot and Bacon fritters, which looked like giant doughnut holes with bacon peeking out of them. Needless to say, I'm eternally grateful we didn't leave without them, they were incredible!


While we had no problems strolling in on a Saturday morning at 10 am, I've heard that Bacon and Butter's wait on a Sunday morning can be brutal so keep that in mind. But don't pass this Sacramento gem up, it's a must try!

If you're ever in Sacramento, call me up and we can share some apricot bacon fritters!

Bacon and Butter
1119 21st St
Sacramento, CA 95816
Hours: Tue-Sun 8 am - 2 pm

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For most of our 7 years together, I wouldn't say Rob and I were very food adventurous. Rob is a standard meat and potatoes kind of guy, and his go-to meal is ALWAYS a burger and fries. But when college ended (and so did the top ramen meals), trying new food became a deep love of mine and now, I'd say our vacations are often centered on food adventures. While I wouldn't say the food scene is as extensive at San Francisco or L.A., Sacramento is moving up in the foodie world. The other night, Rob and I gave Thir13n a try (and I made sure they had a burger 😉 ).

GoodEats: Thir13een | Simply Evani

Thir13n, located on corner of 13th and H street in downtown Sacramento

Thir13n has a wonderfully simple menu, packed with great flavors and fresh, locally raised food. The blood orange granita that was served with my oysters was delightful and Rob raved about the burger. And for dessert, the chocolate molten cake was relentlessly rich and delicious. Their farm to table approach to food produces tastefully original meals and their 13 seater family style table really welcomes friends and family to enjoy food together. Personally, I am a huge patio-seating fan and Thir13en is the perfect place for that too. The chef and owner Adam Pechal was recently a contestant on ABC's the Taste which is really exciting for Sacramento area food! Overall, Thir13en was a wonderful dining experience and we can't wait to head back.

This weekend was really relaxed and easy. I got my hair done (which I'm so happy with, I'm waiting to share pictures until I can get an "after" shot to match my before one). I spent some time with my family, ate good food and may have had a glass of wine/sangria/beer at some point. How was your weekend?

Do you enjoy trying new restaurants? What's the strangest meal/dish you've ever tried?

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This weekend was a goody. Rob and I fell in love with a venue and visited my dream church, where we tentatively penciled our date in at both locations. I also had a really fun time at the bridal expo with my Mom and my sister. On Wednesday, I plan to share more about our wedding adventures this weekend so stay tuned! 🙂

I love few things in this world as much as I love brunch. I don't know if its the rebel in me (hah!) that loves eating breakfast for lunch or if it's just the relaxed atmosphere but I cannot get enough of a good brunch. So I was overjoyed to find this gem in Sacramento that serves up a brunch to die for!

Their banana bread french toast is absolutely incredible and their Porch house potatoes were spot on. Rob loved the chorizo omelette, and he's not even much of a breakfast or brunch person. And frankly I'm a total sucker for places that serve water in mason jars (am I so hipster or what?). The Porch also changes their menu frequently to reflect seasonal availability and local grown food, which is also good in my book. If you're ever in Sacramento, give me a heads up and we'll head to this Sactown treasure together!

Are you a fan of brunch? Tell me your favorite brunch spot or dish, I'd love to know!

Have a great start to your week!



 Happy Wednesday!

Thank you for all the sweet words on yesterday's blog post! So far, Rob hasn't run for the hills so I think we'll make it to yet another year ;). Although I wasn't entirely fond of Seattle's weather, everything else about Seattle was SPECTACULAR, especially Pike Place. Such an iconic destination and definitely one of my favorite places in Washington!

I'm having dreams about the Pike Place Chowder...and yes of course I've had San Francisco's and I still think Pike's is better! If you love cheese, don't turn down mac and cheese at Beechers, it's SO tasty! Pike Place has the most beautiful flower bouquets I've ever seen for $5-$20 and the street art in Seattle is completely unparalleled. Definitely walk through the market to ogle at the freshest seafood and produce and watch them throw the fish!

Today is a crazy day friends, my baby sister turns 16 today. Nothing in the world makes you feel older than watching a baby grow up into a fully functional person. Anyways, the great thing about my baby shmeeshter is that although we're 8 year apart, we're unbelievably close. She not only turned out to be super cool but she's grown to become one of my best friends. I love our early morning cuddles, the fact we share all our cardigan and nail polish collections and most of all, I treasure our ability to know exactly what the other person is thinking. I'm so happy you're in my life and when it comes to the little sister lottery, I won the jackpot.


Have a great day everyone!