Fantasy anyone?

I've been so out of it lately friends. First of all, having a puppy is no joke. I understand why puppies were made to be so adorable because otherwise, no one would sign up for this madness. We literally can't take our eyes off Hunter without him peeing or chewing on something. I haven't even watched a full TV show in weeks.

Hunter6Good thing he's adorable....

Like I mentioned before, there's a life change possibly happening soon for Rob and I which is leaving me with a bit of anxiety. If all goes well, we'll be moving again next month, if we can find a place that fits all of our specifications. I hate being so vague, but I don't want to jinx things by counting our chickens before they've hatched (and we should know by the end of this month). I've always struggled with change, so I've been spending extra quality time snuggling with Rob and our pup babies during the evenings, instead of blogging like I used to.

But I'm trying to get back to normal life (whatever that was, before the insanity that was planning a giant wedding). And the first thing on my mind is FOOTBALL SEASON BABY!!

2 years ago, I hosted a females only fantasy football league. I had dreams of turning fellow friends into fantasy football fanatics like myself, but to be honest, I slacked off and didn't tend to the league enough. This year, I'm ready! So I'm calling out to any and all of my friends, real life or blogging world, who wants to join a females only fantasy football league?!? It won't require much of a time commitment (less than a half hour to an hour a week) and I'll even provide weekly e-mails and tweets with helpful hints and reminders to set your lineups. If your husband, boyfriend or significant other is one of those guys plastered to the TV on Sundays and Mondays, joining a fantasy football league will make it exciting for you too, I promise.


All females are welcome to join, regardless of how much football knowledge you have or don't have! I'll repost my old football tutorials and post some news ones too for learning sake. Don't fear if you have no football knowledge, as long as you're willing to learn, this league is for you!

So leave me a comment with your e-mail address below if you're willing to join the league! If not, leave me a comment anyways, just to say hi. 🙂

I promise I will have some wedding photos up for Wedding Wednesday next week, and hopefully an update on our female fantasy football league!




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18 thoughts on “Fantasy anyone?

  1. I'll join! I remember last time.... I definitely slacked off after the first week and forgot about it. I'm ready to do better this time! here's my email: allyssa[at]thebarnblog[dot]com

  2. hmmm I'm kind of interested! Dean is all into this fantasy football stuff but I don't know anything about it so I'm never invited. Part of me wants to do this just to get more involved with his weekend haha

    1. Evani C

      Post author

      This is the best way to do it! So happy to have you on board, don't worry, we'll get you up on speed on how to do it. Thanks Jenn!

  3. I want another puppy, then I remember what a nightmare Maggie was as one. Instead, I'm going to the baby route lol

    Ohhhh fantasy football! I want to join! Nate would be so proud 🙂 hiswifeylove (at)

    1. Evani C

      Post author

      Haha yea, it's baby or puppy, I CANNOT imagine doing both! Give me any tips you might have on when Maggie was a pup!

      And yesss, happy to have you join Yen! 🙂

      1. We crate trained both of ours. Frankie was easy peasy. Maggie on the other hand was a lot more hands on. She had the habit of pooping in her crate and then rolling around in it and then cry about it. It's kind of hilarious now when you think about it. She was definitely a chewer. Chewed through one of our coffee table legs. We bought this bitter spray when we had Frankie, and it doesn't have a smell or anything, but when the dogs get to it, it's bitter and they'll just stay away. That worked wonders for us. If Hunter digs, cayenne pepper helps. How old is Hunter?

        Also, I don't know jack sh*t about football. I just told Nate about it and he's like... "Do you want me to help you?" "How are you going to pick your players?" My answer, the cute ones. YEAA. Hopefully I can keep up! I already downloaded the app 🙂

        1. Evani C

          Post author

          Oh wow, Maggie seemed like quite the challenge! How long did it take for her to be housetrained? And totally have Nate help if you want! I think that's part of the fun, letting the boys in, to give us pointers and make them feel important. 🙂 I support fantasy football as a way to bring couples together during football season!

  4. He is so cute! Best of luck to you during the upcoming transition and I hope everything turns out just how you want it to. I'm going to pass on the fantasy football as my plate is overflowing right now, but thanks for the invite!

  5. Yes yes yes I want to play! And the pup is too cute (the cuteness really makes up for being bad sometimes)! I hope everything goes ok for you!

  6. Your pup is so cute! Haha, it'll help you get ready for a baby if/when you guys decide to have one! I can't wait to hear your news.. I hope it somehow involves you moving to Boston? Haha, no? Wishful thinking??

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. Evani C

      Post author

      No kidding girlfriend, this pup is so much more work than I ever envisioned. Babies aren't happening until we get this pup even remotely house trained. Haha. You have to give me all the tips you've got when the time comes. Also I wish! I'd love for us to be neighbors.

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