Favorites Friday: Pics to Smile at

Because I'm a terrible liar, I have to admit to my readers that I'm feeling rather uninspired. Yesterday I worked on 2 different blog entries that I just couldn't bring myself to publish. Coming back from vacation is hard! I apologize for only getting 2 blogs out this week but hopefully this weekend, I'll feel recharged and ready to jump in again!

Favorites Friday: Pics to Smile at

1. Harry Potter Pup

Coolest. Dog. Ever.

2. Braveheart Baby

LOL Captioning at it's finest

3. Door Statement

Witty Doors, I like it.

4. Nacho Libre

This is my dream child

5. When I Grow up


Hope at least one of those brought a smile to your face!

Happy Friday all, have a great Labor Day weekend!

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