February Let’s Get Physical

It's that time again....

Let's Get Physical!

And because I have some pretty awesome friends who join in with this little link up of mine, I wanted to showcase some of their beautiful faces so without further adieu...

LGPRoyalty via Simply Evani

Find 'em here: Melissa -  Rima   -  Brighton  - Lyss

The point of Let's Get Physical is to connect with others who are on a fitness journey as well. If you don't relate to at least one food weakness or motivation of the ladies above, I just don't think you are a human being. I for one, relate to all of them (I may be biased because they're all close bloggy friends of mine).

So here's my check in of Let's Get Physical for February:

LGPFeb2013 with Simply Evani

Simply Evani
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Link up today! (Open unto Feb 12 at 11:59 pm PST) Don't know how? Read this!


What serves as your BEST source of motivation to get some exercise?

How are you doing on any fitness relation resolutions you made in January?

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15 thoughts on “February Let’s Get Physical

  1. Hey...what're you doing? Go exercise...or have a salad. 😉 I need to eat more salads too. I don't like to buy the bagged salads because they are spendy, but I'm also too lazy to cut up lettuce and what not. I may just cave and start buying the bagged stuff.

    Also I've not linked up yet because the inlinkz won't load.

  2. hey! yeah, inlinkz won't load... I'd love to link-up if you could extend it for a day. I have to share some sites that helped me to get back the mojo. 🙂

  3. Good luck with all your fitness goals! Sorry to hear that you've been unwell as well - hope you're on the mend. I didn't lose any weight either, even though I didn't have much appetite and wasn't eating much. I guess it was because I was mainly immobile at home as well :p

  4. Can I sound anymore vain? haha. I was majorly struggling with my "motivation in one word." Why didn't I think of health or energy, duh.

    Good luck with your goals! You're motivating me to drink more water, so after I finish typing this comment, I'm going to go get some! I like your idea of eating smaller meals, more frequently. I think I need to give that a try.

  5. I am terrible at exercising, mostly because I despise it. So, the best way for me to stay fit is to do physical activities that are not seen as "exercise". Like...shopping (my fave option). Running around playing with my niece (she has so much energy). Doing yard work with my husband (mostly just me telling him what to do). And cleaning the house (this might seem odd, but when you have a vacuum cleaner that is almost your body weight, it makes for a good workout). 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. I'm sorry I missed your email last night! I always love reading your posts because so often I feel like we're on the same page, facing the same challenges. I need to get my butt to the gym too, if only we lived closer than 3,000 miles apart, we could go together! Good luck!

  7. I've been letting my being sick and the kids' sickies be my excuse for not exercising as much this month. That and snow days. Snow days don't have the same appeal to adults as they do to kids. Good luck with the eating more salads. I always tell myself to eat more salads when we go out or order one when we hit fast food but I just can't resist the fries. If I smell something good I have to have it.

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  10. Hey Evani!

    I enjoyed reading your article about getting into shape or eating healthier. I could personally relate a lot to your article because I too have been trying to eat more healthier and get into shape since the new year. Like some people, I'm full of excuses when it comes to exercising. I always complain though that I wish I were in better shape, and I always say I'll exercise some other time when I have more energy. But one day I finally realized how out of shape I was when I couldn't bike for more than a couple of minutes without running out of breath. So now I'm trying my best to get my butt into gear when trying to become more motivational with exercise and eating healthy. I think it's great that you share fun tips about how to become more motivational when it comes to eating healthy or trying to exercise more through even small steps. I also enjoy reading other inspirational tid bits about getting into shape from other girls/women everywhere. Keep up the good work!

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