Friday Letters: Sushi and Sunsets

Happy Friday everyone!

So it's been a hot second since I've done Friday letters and contrary to the belief that they're not "content" based blog posts, I get so many fun comments and responses from it, I think it's worth doing! Also, is it weird that my Friday letters almost always include sushi? Linking up with Ashley at The Sweet Season.

Dear Sushi, You are singlehandedly ruining my yet-to-be-defined wedding budget. Poor Rob, we've eaten so much sushi since we discovered our favorite place has a reverse happy hour. Cheap drinks and sushi? I'm IN.

Dear Wacom Bamboo Tablet, You were the first "toy" I've asked for for Christmas since I was like 11 and I'm so happy you're mine! You and me, we're going to change the world! Or maybe just this blog. There will be handwritten text and graphics all over the place now!

Dear Beach Photos at Sunset, I am such a sucker for silhouette pictures.

Dear Let's Get Physical participants (& those who are interested!), The January link up is set for Wednesday, January 9th! You have some extra time to work on your goals or get ready for some new ones! It's a great way to kickstart those New Years Resolutions!

Dear lovely readers of mine, I finally finished the big chunk of my engagement post so it's coming to you on Monday! I'm really excited to share it. 🙂

Dear Yi-chia (of Always Maylee), Girlfriend, just by mentioning my blog on your post yesterday my stats blew up! Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU and I'm so happy we're blog soulmates. If you aren't already a big fan of Always Maylee, check Yi-chia out ASAP! She shared a really cute love story that I can't get enough of!

Always Maylee

Now on to some links you can check out this weekend!

As a personal fan of twistbands, I'm happy I found this SUPER easy DIY.
I've never seen a vacation jar I've wanted to make more than these.
Oh heavens, I want these muffins in my mouth right now!
This is ambitious but I mean sea salt and caramel? NOMZ.
I am SO hungry in the morning, this is good information to have.
These are the cutest nails I've seen in awhile!

This weekend should be a relatively relaxed one for me, hopefully with lots of blogging and sleeping on the horizon! What do you have planned this weekend?

Have a great Friday and Happy Weekend!

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  1. I am so over the moon happy for you! What a sweet video and what amazing planning Rob! How do you like the bamboo splash?

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