Good Eats: Paesano’s Happy Hour

Happy Sunday loves!

How do you feel about weekend entries? I was really happy with the response last week so I'm going to try my best to keep up with them. 🙂

So technically the Good Eats feature falls under Simply Traveling but I figure it couldn't hurt to share local eats and I hope you don't mind! I've been on this push for Happy Hours and good times with friends so I wanted to share a new favorite: Paesano's Happy Hour in Midtown Sacramento (similar to other Paesano's happy hours nationwide)

My personal favorite without a doubt was the Fried Ravioli. Maybe it's because I have a penchant for fried objects or because I love ravioli. Either way, it's a MEGA win. Also, the Polenta Fries are a must! Their sangria pitchers are yummy and super affordable too. I've been feeling like quite a wino lately, I'm finally starting to acquire a taste for it.

Do you have any happy hours you love? Maybe if it's a franchise, there might be one near me too!

Shout out to the work friends who I went to this happy hour with, hope you girls are reading! 🙂

I'm having such a fabulous weekend in Santa Rosa (not Santa Ana, womp womp) and I can't wait to share pictures with you soon!

Is it really almost Monday already!?

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13 thoughts on “Good Eats: Paesano’s Happy Hour

    1. Post author

      Thanks girl! Lord knows I love food so I might as well share the pictures I take with all of you. 🙂

  1. 1) I love weekend posts :); 2) all of that food looks SO good. I would love some of that fried ravioli; and 3) I can't wait to see your pictures from Santa Rosa!

    1. Post author

      Entirely possible. I browse so many food blogs throughout the day, I'm pretty sure I gain the weight by buying all the groceries and making it all that weekend. Womp wompppp

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