Good Eats: Thir13en in Sacramento

For most of our 7 years together, I wouldn't say Rob and I were very food adventurous. Rob is a standard meat and potatoes kind of guy, and his go-to meal is ALWAYS a burger and fries. But when college ended (and so did the top ramen meals), trying new food became a deep love of mine and now, I'd say our vacations are often centered on food adventures. While I wouldn't say the food scene is as extensive at San Francisco or L.A., Sacramento is moving up in the foodie world. The other night, Rob and I gave Thir13n a try (and I made sure they had a burger ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

GoodEats: Thir13een | Simply Evani

Thir13n, located on corner of 13th and H street in downtown Sacramento

Thir13n has a wonderfully simple menu, packed with great flavors and fresh, locally raised food. The blood orange granita that was served with my oysters was delightful and Rob raved about the burger. And for dessert, the chocolate molten cake was relentlessly rich and delicious.ย Their farm to table approach to food produces tastefully original meals and their 13 seater family style table really welcomes friends and family to enjoy food together. Personally, I am a huge patio-seating fan and Thir13en is the perfect place for that too. The chef and owner Adam Pechal was recently a contestant on ABC's the Taste which is really exciting for Sacramento area food! Overall, Thir13en was a wonderful dining experience and we can't wait to head back.

This weekend was really relaxed and easy. I got my hair done (which I'm so happy with, I'm waiting to share pictures until I can get an "after" shot to match my before one). I spent some time with my family, ate good food and may have had a glass of wine/sangria/beer at some point. How was your weekend?

Do you enjoy trying new restaurants? What's the strangest meal/dish you've ever tried?

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18 thoughts on “Good Eats: Thir13en in Sacramento

  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair! I think you posted in either on fb or IG. Absolutely loviiiing the change.

    My husband is picky and is just like Rob... anywhere new, safest bet is their burger and fries. I love trying new restaurants and new foods (okay, sometimes), but I don't really have a partner in crime at the moment to drive me to them haha Maybe when he comes home ๐Ÿ™‚ Weirdest thing(s) I've ate... Emu soup? A snake killed in front of me, blood drained into a shot glass with a weird concoction for my dad to drink.... but they later made us stir-fry snake and snake soup... It does not taste like chicken.

    I've definitely have had my share of weird food.. Which most of it I have no clue what is was until I watched Andrew Zimmerman and I was thinking "ohmygod my parents tricked me!"

  2. when i lived in LA my roommate and I made a point to try out a new restaurant every was so much fun! it's a bit harder now though ๐Ÿ™

  3. Yum! Dean and I try to be adventurous in our food choices (which I love) but at heart I'm a steak and potatoes kind of girl! Almost every other day I talk about how I want a juicy burger... in fact... I could go for one now haha

  4. That chocolate cake looks delicious! I actually tried oysters for the first time last year, and I really like them! There are lots of great restaurants here in Portland... my husband and I were just saying that we should try some new ones as we always tend to go back to our old favorites. Have a great day, Evani!

  5. this place looks so delicious! i would love to try the blood orange drink! going to new restaurants is probably one of my favorite things to do.. if only i lived somewhere like SoCal where there were more good ones!!

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