Halloween 2013 Up Costumes

While our pumpkins are slowly disintegrating on our porch, I was reminded that I hadn't posted our Halloween costumes yet! Doing things on time is so overrated now anyways right [ha].

So I knew I wanted to do characters from Disney's Up. I ended up being Russell because I found a yellow polo and brown skort (oh yea, a SKORT, straight from the 90's) from a local thrift store and Rob had nearly everything we needed for Mr. Fredrickson.

Halloween 2013 collageI DIY'd the brown sash with fabric and badges I printed out from Pixar concept art, which I backed on foam stickers. I made the logo on my shirt and the flag from felt, and then found the orange handkerchief at a thrift store.  I also made Rob's bowtie, the glasses are 3D glasses we got from the movie theaters and he found a walker at his house to complete the look. Voila!

I spent a solid day on the hunt for a yellow hat but it just wasn't happening. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out regardless.

This week has been rather hectic, Rob and I have been scrambling to get some wedding related things handled and its so much easier said than done. We're working on the wedding website and I'm struggling with writing content that isn't overly cheesy or obnoxious. Haha if you know of any blogger "love stories" or wedding websites you've enjoyed, feel free to send me a link!

How's your week been?


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15 thoughts on “Halloween 2013 Up Costumes

  1. I love your costumes! You make such a cute Russell. You're so creative and I think you'll come up with something sweet and not too cheesy for your website, I didn't even have one because everything I wrote came out so dorky!

  2. haha! I always love seeing couples costumes during Halloween! This one was so creative! Personally, Charles and I haven't even started planning a wedding... Everytime we think about it for a little bit we get stressed almost immediately just thinking about money :/ We've honestly been juggling the idea of eloping around ... We shall see but kudos for you guys getting through the process of planning! Sending anti-stress vibes your way!

  3. Adorable! Last week was one of those weeks where nothing was straight forward if you know what I mean. 😛 Fortunately we had a great weekend to make up for it and had a chance to catch up with several friends and eat cupcakes from our favorite bakery. Hope the wedding planning is progressing well!

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