Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

So the good news is I'm ALMOST done with our Halloween costumes. And I am pretty happy with how they turned out! Since we're flying tonight, I wanted to make our costumes travel friendly, meaning they won't hold us up going through security and they're comfortable to wear on a plane. I wanted to take a few pics and share them here but it'll just have to wait until tomorrow! I'll share a picture on facebook and twitter tonight too so follow me there if you want a sneak peek 😉 .

In the explosion of crafting going on in my room last night, I realized my current workspace is definitely making all my projects so much harder. Now ALL I want is a pretty and large enough space to craft my little heart out. That has me pining (and pinning) for desk inspiration!


First of all, I'll be lucky to ever get ANY kind of natural light streaming through the way they are in these rooms. But I think the overarching theme is that I want a white desk. Since I have a laptop I'll hopefully maximize even more workspace than these desks too. A new desk space is part of my 25 before 25, so I'll definitely be tackling this project soon! Maybe after the holidays...

And last but not least, I was a blog angel (with the amazing Craftboitic)  to this lovely lady...

Claudia from Lashes and Beard!

In the month that've followed Claudia, I've completely fallen in love with her family. Her and her husband Josh are raising the adorable Isaiah (see the CUTEST Waldo ever above) who's currently undergoing a series of surgeries to fix his congenital heart defect. Actually this very morning he will be undergoing surgery so I hope you join me in praying for Isaiah and his beautiful family. In terms of being a blog angel, I wouldn't say this month was off to a good start. I took an entire week off from the blogging world when I went self hosted and I wish I would've dedicated more time to Claudia! But we've been e-mailing back and forth and she is a complete sweetheart. Pleaseeeee pretty please readers, keep them in your thoughts but also stop by Lashes and Beard and give Claudia a virtual hug!

What are you doing tonight for Halloween? I'm so excited to leave for Seattle!!

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7 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. I've always wanted a craft room. But my husband says 'man town' wins. Whatever. Doesn't he know, a happy wife is a happy life? 🙂

    Tonight I'll be handing out candy to all the kiddies in the neighborhood, while eating half the candy myself! Have fun in Seattle!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. Have a safe flight here! Don't forget to bring lots of cold wear!! And an umbrella!
    This is my first Halloween here in this house so hopefully some kids come by.

    A craft room is always a must. Ikea has "cheap" furniture/organizers.

  3. Beautiful spaces, all that lovely natural light. I'd love to move into a 2 bedroom apartment so that I could have a studio/office to work in. One of these.

  4. Those craft rooms are stunning! You and I have very similar design taste... fabulous minds think alike. 😉

    Girl, did you know I live in Seattle? Well I live in a suburb outside of it, but while Isaiah's in the hospital for the next week or two, we're living here in the city. If you need any recommendations for fun things to do or good places to eat, just let me know. And if you want to get a cup of coffee I'll be looking for excuses to leave the hospital for fresh air - it'd be my treat as way of showing thanks for you being such a wonderful Blog Angel. 🙂 Just email me if you're up for it. Have a safe flight, a Happy Halloween, and yes... be sure to bring a water- and wind-proof jacket and umbrella. You'll need it!

  5. Ahh...I am loving the office spaces! I can't wait to one day start decorating my own place. But...when you live with married roommates who own the place, it's a bit hard to do much. Even with a tiny bedroom! 🙁 So one day...haha. And I've loved being your angel this month!!!! Yay for awesome people!! 🙂

  6. Great office space inspiration ideas! I need to fancy up my desk as well... it's pretty embarrassing and purely functional. 😛 Enjoy your time in Seattle!

  7. Hope it was an easy flight! My little "Secret Agent" had a great time last night and I did, too, though I think Hurricane Sandy had a lot to do with the small number of kids who came to my door.

    Tons of leftover candy ... yikes!

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