Jury Duty: I’d rather…

So I did have yesterday off from work. But in some weird twist of fate, today, on the day of mine and Rob's 8 year anniversary, I have jury duty... Womp womp.

So in honor of jury duty, here are 10 things I'd rather be doing:

1. Swimming in a giant pool of hazelnut gelato.

2. Cuddling on my couch with my main squeeze and a bottle of vino, watching the endless abyss that is our DVR = My adult happy place.

3. Thrifting. It's like spending/saving at the same time.

4. Eating copious amounts of bread and cheese. All types. ALL.

5. Spending more than I can afford at Target on anything pretty (make-up, underwear, polka dot glassware, Nate Berkus anything).

6. Feeding my pet fish, Azul (a.k.a Raul). He's aggressive when he eats his fish flakes, it's like having a tiny shark.

7. Snapchat. Any other snapchat addicts out there?

8. Starting a crafting project, immediately realizing I'm in over my head, crying inside outwardly about it but spending all night finishing it.

9. Wine'o clock.

10. Anything that doesn't require me sitting in a room with strangers all day!

What would you rather do than go to jury duty?

And for memory-sake, Happy 8 year anniversary to the man who makes me laugh so hard I almost pee myself daily, my fiancé Rob. When we both accidentally quote a 50 cent movie at the same time, it only reaffirms that we were indeed made for each other. Thanks for all the late night cake runs, pouring me wine before all wedding decisions are made, and constantly showing me what it means to love someone completely. Here's to our last pre-marriage anniversary [eek]!


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12 thoughts on “Jury Duty: I’d rather…

  1. fizzandfrosting

    Oh yes. Ditch jury duty and I'll have a wine, cheese and bread fest with you! That sounds like my own personal heaven.

  2. 8 years holy moly! Congrats on that! I've never had to actually GO for jury duty- my number never gets called. But someday it will happen sighhhh

  3. So far I've never been called to do jury duty and I'm crossing my fingers that it never happens! (knock on wood haha) Happy Anniversary to you both!!!! Charles and I are a year behind you since we'll be celebrating 7 years soon! Don't just just feel so lucky to be with someone who simply gets you 🙂

  4. First of all happy anniversary to you guys! Second, I have never been called for jury duty since I became a citizen but when I was a just a permanent resident, I got called 2 to 3 times. LOL Hopefully, no letter comes my way ever again :p

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