Let’s Get Physical April 2013

Before we get started, I guest posted (a good read for all you girls in a long term relationship) over at one of my favorite blogs, Tammy's Lemons, Avocados and the Bay while she's in Israel. So feel free to stop by, get to know Tammy's blog and leave me some comment love, I would really appreciate it! 🙂

It's that time again friends....

Let's Get Physical April!


So personal training has been going really well. I haven't missed a session yet so that means I am at the gym at least twice a week (which is 200% more than I used to go before I hired one). I'll blog about my experience with personal training soon, maybe as a mid-point check in for April. 🙂 So while I'm getting to be more physically active, I do feel like I need to work on other aspects. For some reason, March was a month that Rob and I decided to "act our own age" and that means I've had a few more glasses of beer, wine and late night bites. I need to make sure to account for that extra fun we're having. Also, I'm making a bigger effort to pick better food when we're eating out. Goodbye cheese fries, deep fried fish and pasta. It's time to quit cheating myself by acting like eating out is an excuse to splurge, it's NOT.

I've been reading Mama Laughlin lately to get my pumped for my weight loss. She is not only hilarious and basically everything I want to be, she's lost so much weight (the healthy way) and looks amazing!  I've got a short 2 months until engagement photos and roughly 14 months until the wedding. It's now or never!

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It's only a few months until summer and beach season, do you have any fitness goals you're working towards?

Anyone have any low calorie advice on beer and wine? 😉

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18 thoughts on “Let’s Get Physical April 2013

  1. Yay! Great job on going to the gym regularly! I have not been exercising as much. I stopped for a week or two and now my thighs are still sore. LOL I have also been trying to be more active like you know, folding clothes down stairs so I can climb up and down the stairs from the dryer to the couch and go back up when I need to put away the clothes 😉

  2. Why don't we live closer together. Your goals practically mirror my own. Saying no to fries is THE hardest thing for me. I'll join you! Only two times? WE GOT THIS!! Same with #4 and 5. Walking alone is boring though. That's what always keeps me from going.

    Low cal wine - Skinny Girl white wine. It's only 100 cals per 5 oz. Still, that's a problem for me because 1 glass is never enough. I can easily drink the bottle.

  3. I'm so proud you've been going to the gym! I can totally relate to this line: "It’s time to quit cheating myself by acting like eating out is an excuse to splurge, it’s NOT." It's difficult to remember that sometimes! Good luck girl! xo

  4. You're doing great! Fries are such an addiction - I think limiting them instead of eliminating them completely is the way to go. Keep up the awesome work!

  5. Get it girl! Sounds like you're doing great. I would love to hear more about the personal trainer experience. I've been thinking about hiring one to help actually getting me to the gym. Once I'm there I'm fine but finding the time, energy and motivation to get there is where I struggle! And there's totally nothing wrong with fries every once in a while...they're too good not to!

    go for the glam

  6. That's great that the personal training sessions are going well! Eating healthy ALL the time is so difficult. I always start my day healthy with a bowl of cereal and small glass of juice but it tends to always go downhill from there. 😛

  7. Oh fries ... I stopped eating fries but now I like to eat hashbrowns for breakfast which is practically the same thing lol. And yeap, prepping food takes sooo long to do esp. after a long day at work and you just want to chill and not worry about prepping food for the next day. Progress is progress no matter how big or small so keep it up mama!

  8. Katie

    Matt and I have started doing more active things together. I'm not into running or hanging out much in the gym so now that the weather is looking good we're outside more. We play tennis once a week, we go hiking and we go to the driving range to hit golf balls. I'm a big fan of dates that include some physical activity.
    We do this thing where we pick a city in the bay that I haven't been to, find a hiking trail there then eat at their best pizza place after our hike. It's a fun way to explore, exercise and try some new tasty grub. Doesn't have to be pizza either 😉

  9. I'm really excited to hear about your experiences with PT!
    Even though I'm certified, I've never been to a session myself. I should probably try one just to see what's up!

    Good luck with the cutting back on fries...I need to do that myself, haha!


  10. Hell, I never say no to fries!! You seem to be doing really well, I applaud you!! Sad news... I realized I don't fit in any of my work pants from last year.... yyyyeah. Not so fun. I have so many weaknesses that have just become bad habits. If I can at least force myself to go grocery shopping for fresh veggies and fruits every week, I should be able to stay on top of good eating habits. It's when I run out of the grab n' go stuff that I start to just go to Wendy's on the daily. Blah. I've been doing better eating healthy but I just need to start exercising. I'd say this qualifies as one of those things I can do NOW!! 😉

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