Let’s get Physical January 2013

Happy Wednesday!

First of all, thank you for all your amazingly sweet  comments on our engagement video. Part of what excites me about blogging is knowing that it's a virtual record that'll be around forever and I'm so happy to have such wonderful friendships and comments to reflect on when it comes to our engagement. Thank you so much. <3

It's the first Let's Get Physical for the new year! Yippee!

I know everyone either loves or hates making new years resolutions about fitness. But honestly, fitness is a year round topic here with Let's Get Physical! In 2013, I vow to be more accountable to what I post about for the month and I hope you join me!

In case you've never done Let's Get Physical before, here's a How to. And here's a little background on why I started Let's Get Physical.

Last night, as I was at the gym for the first time in MONTHS, I realized I wanted this to kick start a lifetime of exercise for me. And that meant not pushing myself so hard that I was sore for the next 3 days. Or forcing myself to do runs at inclines that I exacerbate my shin splints. I realized that for this to be a lifestyle change, I had to change my mentality about how hard that 60 minutes of exercise a day, that everyone recommends, really had to be. Any motion is good motion. Even a snail pace on a treadmill is better than an hour sitting on the bed watching TV. So I made sure to do enough exercise to be tired but not too much to where I didn't want to come back tomorrow. And that's what I'll be working on in 2013! How about you, do you have an overall goal?

The Let's Get Physical link up  is open for a full week (it closes on 01/16/2013 at 11:30 pm PST) so if you didn't link up today, feel free to write an entry later this week.

Don’t forget the ONLY rule of LGP is to visit the top 2 links above yours and leave them an encouraging comment or fitness tip to help them along their journey! If you want to rock the house, feel free to comment on everyone! (And if you REALLY rock, come back on 01/16 and leave comments on people who linked up later in the week!)

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What's the biggest realization you've come to, in relation to your health or fitness? 

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11 thoughts on “Let’s get Physical January 2013

  1. Eva

    always happy to hear you are setting goals for yourself. i love new years resolutions for fitness.. i'm kinda sad i can't jumpstart my goals until after i get back from Europe. love you lovely!

  2. I don't exercise to lose weight, I'm actually trying to gain some weight/muscle after I lost a few lbs this past year. It's hard! I'm going to focus on trying to eat more and then bulking up a bit. I think it's awesome you lay out these posts so well- you're so organized!

  3. I love your thought for 2013. I think that's definitely the way to go. I have an all-or-nothing mentality and it's a struggle to realize every little bit helps, but "every journey begins with a single step." Good luck with your goals!

    PS: When you find your go-to veggie recipe, you must share it on the blog! I'm in desperate need of interesting veggie recipes!

  4. Hi Evani, Noticed your comment on eating small meals. Not a new idea, but I usually eat my meals on a salad plate. I usually go with the mindset that I can go back for seconds. Usually by the time I've eaten and give the food time to settle, I'm fine with one serving. My son in law, who is also a trainer, is very big on healthy snacks every few hours. Might help with those hunger pains. Good luck. I know you will be a beautiful bride.

  5. Good luck on all your goals! Eating smaller meals more frequently is a great idea; it prevents huge spikes in blood sugar which is followed my a large insulin response. Eating small meals throughout the day maintains level blood sugar levels and helps to prevent excess sugar being stored as fat.

    xo jen

  6. It's so true! Getting up and going for a little walk is way better for your body than hanging out and watching TV! I often have to remind myself that eating healthy for most of the week and allowing for an indulgence (or two) is still better than letting one snack ruin a whole week.
    My boyfriend is studying for his personal training certification now so he's been a big help with getting my shh.....stuff together. (Pstt for sore muscles try taking glutamine after a workout! (as per the trainer-to-be))

  7. I totally am with you on the setting myself up for failure by pushing myself too hard. I've had to realize the same things as you - even if I'm not up for running 8 miles like some crazy people (haha) that 30 min slow run is much better than watching an hour of TV munching mindlessly on snacks!

    And a wedding is like the greatest motivator ever - you got this girl!

  8. Let's do this!!!

    I think you're thinking is right. You don't need to go hard and exhaust yourself to call it a work out. Small things are good. Every little bit helps.

    I'm glad that I was able to inspire you when I was training for my 5k. Let's be each other's inspiration.

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