Let’s turn the page, shall we?

Really?? No one told me I posted a Wedding Wednesday on a THURSDAY last week? [Thanks for humoring me, guys.] Lol...

I know you've just about had it up to here with me having "blog realizations" but I think this one is for real, for real. I will stop posting about them from this point on. I promise.

Simply Evani started as a blog called "Life as I see it". I had a grand total of 3 readers (Rob, Eva and Mike, heyyyy guys) and it was mostly my sarcastic/bitter musings about post-grad life. One day, I took a little poll on a blog name change and Simply Evani was born.

This blog has taken a lot of twists and turns since I started blogging. I've gone through phases of "Mani Mondays" and 9 million other blog categories that have come and gone. I've formed some amazing online friendships. But in the last 6 months or so, this blog has become less of an outlet and more of a job I didn't want anymore. I read Kristin's post and contemplated ending my blog too. And then I read Betsy's post and it made me stop to consider why I felt so pressured to blog.

I haven't stayed true to my voice and the reasons why I started blogging. Blogging was always about connecting. Mainly connecting with the real life friends who have moved across the country (Hi Rudy!) and eventually connecting with strangers who found my little corner of the interwebs. But when I noticed other people were reading, I forced my life to become "interesting". I made my blog titles super generic, I researched SEO and basically forced my blog into a corner. I also really liked free stuff and the idea of growing my blog to make money/affiliations (and it truly pains me to admit that). I stopped blogging like I was talking to friends, and I started blogging like a robot. Insert picture here, insert comment about picture, paragraph of content, etc.

How many blogs do you read that are written by robots?

I'm tired of editing myself out of my content and frankly I'm 100% sure you're tired of reading about me "contemplating my blog". There will be no contemplation needed, this blog will go back to what it used to be.

So what does this mean?

It means there will be less "categorical" posts. I won't force my posts to fit a template (a.k.a. Weekend Wine-d Down). That doesn't mean I will stop posting about my weekend or my wine (there will definitely still be wine). It just means I won't force it to fit a certain day or post. I won't require myself to have 5 pictures per post. I won't have an "editorial calendar" because that isn't what my blog is about.

It also means there may be less organization and more randomness. But hopefully that also means I'll write with more honesty and talk about real things. I'm eager to open up to the friends who stick around to read this craziness. I'm not saying the content will largely change (I really do love the things I blog about) but honestly, I hope it does.

Okay, enough of this novel. I'm hoping this is a turning-the-page post, and not one of the thousands of "I'm sorry, I suck" posts I've written before. I miss my blog and I'm happy to be hijacking it back.

Catch ya on the flip side peeps.

(And yes, I do say words like "peeps" in real life.)

[FYI, I'm going to try and turn off comments on this post. I just don't want to seem like I'm digging for the support. I know those of you that stick around, are supporting me and that is more than enough. Thank you, for sticking by me even at my worst!]


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