Life’s Moments: Our First Place!

Its official!

We signed the lease on our first place together šŸ™‚

New placeIt's in a great neighborhood in midtown Sacramento, with all of our favorite restaurants within a few blocks (Hello Mikunis, Devine Gelato and The Rind)! It's just a simple apartment but those of you who follow the blog know, this has been months in the making. Finding the right place for the right price was infuriating, exhausting and disappointing at times but I'm so happy we stuck it out and I think this place was meant to be ours.

I know in this day and age, it's not unusual to find unmarried couples living together but for me personally, I told Rob that I preferred not to sign into any formal contracts for anything until we got engaged. So even after almost 8 years together, signing our lease was the first official paperwork we signed together and it feels like a reallllly big deal to us. We might even consider getting a joint checking account now, to pay for apartment/wedding related things (thoughts? PLEASE share!).

So now that we finally have a place, I'm turning the big 2-5 tomorrow (mid-20s, eek!) and we're flying to Vegas in the morning! And thank God for Rob, he remembered to check us in for our flight (boarding pass A, woo hoo!). I can't wait to be by the pool, drink in hand, reflecting on the wonderful 25 years I've had. I truly am a lucky gal.

Any new tips for a couple venturing into having their first place together? Must haves? Don'ts?

Also pleaseeee feel free to share ideas on how to best combine our finances while we're engaged. Joint account or no?



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