Me, Myself and I: 50s girl & Costumes

Happy Tuesday ya'll!

Joining in with one of my favorite getting-to-know you parties: Me, Myself and I. (Click on the button below to join in!)
First off, I'm a huge believer in the power of a good cry. If the situation calls for it, just let it out. Then I'll either turn on some Backstreet Boys or flip on an episode of cheesy reality TV. Occasionally I'll shop out my emotions too (not recommended!).

After spending some time in Carsland in California Adventure, I'm sure that I would be a 50s girl. The retro 50s music in Carsland had me dancing all over the place. Diners, drive in movies, and poodle skirts, YES. Frank Sinata, Dean Martin, Elvis?! The music, fashion, everything was fabulous. Easy.

Carsland! More pics coming soon 🙂

So it wasn't Halloween but in college, I attended more themed parties than I can count. My favorite one by far? Disney themed party where I was Boo from Monsters Inc.

Sorry for the grainy photo and terrible bangs, clearly my iPhone didn't exist back then (Blackberry whut whutttt) but this costume was completely made of felt. You know those heavy plastic bags that comforters come in? That's what the felt is sewn to. Needless to say I was desperately sweating all night (hence the bangs). But well worth it. Thank you Jennifer for helping me construct it! 🙂 And because I can't end this with just showing you my costume:

For the privacy of my best friends, names will be withheld (especially for the Hunchback, she's gonna kill me. Love you BESTIE!). For those of you who remember this night, my FAMILY reads this blog and I'll delete your comment if I have to! Haha 😉

1. I CANNOT stand the sound of metal on metal. Rings going down a metal banister = DEATH. It scratches at my soul.
2. As soon as I get home, I have to change into "home clothes". It's like an instant stripdown.
3. I am a car sleeper. I can fall asleep crazy fast in the car, within minutes.
4. I am deathly afraid of opening credit lines. I have 1 credit card with a very low limit because I don't really trust myself with more.
5. I hate wearing shoes. Every chance I get, my shoes are off (If we're ever having dinner, check under the table, my shoes are probably off). At the same time I LOVE collecting shoes.

Oh wow. I would tell myself to RELISH in the youth. I'd remind myself to take more pictures because you're going to meet the future love of your life that year (and you never know when they might be in a wedding slideshow 😉 ). I would tell myself that college is going to be HARD and that I should probably think a liiiiitle harder about my career path. I'd pat myself on the back for how skinny I was back then. But in the end, I would just tell myself to just keep truckin on, life is going to turn out great!

Can't believe I was 16 in this picture. Happy to note some of the people in these pictures are still our best friends!

I just adore this link up!

What would you say to your 16 year old self??

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I also immediately change into "home clothes" and hate wearing shoes!! And yes, I met my man in high school also 🙂 Sounds like we have a lot in common! Following you back!

  2. Great answers!! I love your Boo costume- so freaking cute! I also strip down to home clothes after work, hate shoes/socks, andddd I'm usually not wearing pants... lol

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