Me, Myself and I Link Up October

 Happy Tuesday everyone!

I love the Me, Myself and I monthly link up! I decided to let photos do most of the speaking for me.

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So everyone ALWAYS makes fun of me about my superpower of choice but seriously, who doesn't get jazzed when you pay with exact change?! I mean I know everyones going to say, "ability to fly/teleport/save lives" blah blah haha so I wanted to be original. 

If I could only shop in 3 stores for the rest of my life with an unlimited budget, I figure Target would give me all of life's necessities and I love their clothes. JoAnns I need for crafting, party planning, general hobbies etc. Macy's has a Clinique/Benefit/MAC counter and they sell Michael Kors so that was somewhat of a cheat. This is proof I'm not really a fancy girl, I'm rather easy to please don't you think? Link up below!

I'd love to hear some of YOUR answers, share some with me!

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  1. Great answers!! I picked Robin's Egg Blue too - such a great color and name! I also love how thought out your store picks are - I think I need to change my answer!!!

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