Monday Musings: Coming back to Life

Happy Monday everyone!

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I know, I know, how dare I casually stroll in here like I didn't take a week long hiatus?! First off, let me warn you that after such a long blogging break, I have so much to say so this entry will be all over the place with my Monday musings. I'll try to keep them organized with bullet points.

  • Let me tell you how the days panned out with my new self hosted website:

Day 1: Unnecessary excitement, clicking through all of new WordPress. Smiles.
Day 2: Annoyed at lack of CSS know-how, feverishly reading tutorials. A frown or 12.
Day 3: Lots of hair pulling and groans, general frustration and mass regret.
Day 4: Surge of energy, begin painful design process, inspired but BUSY.
Day 5: Guilt. Wrote half a Friday letter's entry & just decided to take the whole week off.

The blog still isn't anywhere near where I want it to be (pardon the dust, we're still under construction!) but I couldn't stay away much longer. Feel free to let me know how you feel about the new look, I really wanted the freedom of 3 columns but I'm still undecided. It feels a little crowded to me so don't worry, changes will be made!

  • I've been overwhelmed with the kindness, advice and overall support from all of you on this post.  It really alleviates a lot of my anxiety to know I'm not alone in my identity search. On that note, one of my bloggy BFFs, Emily from the Anna Delores Blog gave me some amazing advice (considering she is now following her dreams of being a photographer!) and she shared it with her readers too. Read it. Read all the comments!
  • HOMELAND. Now that I've discovered this show, I can't IMAGINE living without Showtime. I watched them win Academy Award after Academy Award and Rob and I found Season 1 on demand on Saturday night. We just finished the season finale (it's Sunday night at 1:00 A.M). Honestly, it's the most intellectually stimulating show I've ever watched. Absolutely incredible. PLEASE leave me a comment if you're a Homeland fan, I need to know others!
  • Wanna know how badly I procrastinate? I filed an extension on taxes back in March (and I probably have the EASIEST taxes to do since all I own is my car and I only have 1 income)  anddddd the extension deadline is today. I haven't started.
  • I keep catching little tidbits of the Real Housewives of New Jersey finale and I CANNOT take those women. I love Beverly Hills and I love OC (if I have to, I can tolerate NY) but New Jersey just makes me wanna throw things at my TV. The family aspect of it all makes it such an uglier version of the Real Housewives series (which is clearly an ESTEEMED well thought out TV series for intellectuals. lol). Oh BTW Teresa, I've found your twin.

    Yes, that's Mother Gothel, the villan in Tangled.

  • One of my favorite things to do in the bloggy world is participate in Craftbiotic's Blog Angels every month. Basically you get assigned a blog to be a secret "angel" to and I've met one of my dearest bloggy friend's because she was my angel last month (I heart you Brighton!). Anyhoot this month, we get to reveal our angels midway so we can be more active to helping them. I've had the pleasure to blog angel the lovely Claudia from....Lashes and Beard I haven't been the GREATEST blog angel especially since I disappeared off my OWN blog for a week which I've never done! But I did tweet her amazing post on why you should watermark your photos and that got retweeted by the Better Blogger Network. I have loved reading more about Claudia and her beautiful family but I want to do so much more so do me a favor and stop by Claudia's today and say hi from Simply Evani! Hi Claudia, sorry I haven't been a great blog angel yet, let's talk about what I can do for you! 🙂

How was your weekend? Tell me what I've missed in my week away!

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