Move to Self Hosted

Happy Monday!

As you can see, things are a little different around here. And unfortunately no, this isn't a new blog design on purpose.

I finally took the jump and went self hosted with Bluehost and While this opens up so many possibilities (I can pick my own FONTS now?!?) I'm stuck making all those decisions (frankly I just want my old blog design back but it's "theme" isn't available on and it's stressing me out a littttttle.

So I'm going to pass on a full blown entry today and if I don't get my act together in time, I might take a few days off from the blog to set up the new and improved Simply Evani! Just wanted to stop by and let you know I'll be drowning in CSS tutorials, so don't fear, I haven't left!

If you have any advice about CSS or anything about having free reign over my blog for the first time, please feel free to let me know.

Any advice on how I can optimize your experience over at my little old blog would be MUCH appreciated! Is there a blog design feature you really love on blogs? Is there something you hate?

See ya on the flip-side (well I'm already here but I'm clearly NOT READY)...

P.S. Don't really know how the comment box works now so let me know if for some reason, it's not working or you just don't like it.

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