Movies Made Easy: The Avengers

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Joking aside, The Avengers is such a winner for both guys and girls. I have a soft spot for Iron Man (I mean for a 47 year old, Robert Downey Jr makes you want him) but if you want someone younger, Thor or Captain America will float your boat. The best part is that there's just enough action, comedy and eye candy to keep you (and your man) happy. For those of us who know little to nothing about Marvel comics, it's easy enough to follow without having much of a background. Plus, talking superheroes can be such an easy way for ladies to score points with men of all ages. Next up on the Men Decoded series: Understanding Fantasy Football...


*Disclaimer: If you are a woman who truly loves Marvel for reasons other than men in spandex, please don't take an offense to this post. This post is geared towards the women who know nothing about comic books so that they realize how amazing it is! If you're a true fan, I hope the movie made all your Marvel dreams come true.

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  1. Eva

    Robert Downey Jr. Yum. What a great post to come into the office to! Happy Hump Day Love!

    1. Post author

      Aw first date memories! Also I noticed, the leading men in our lives are both named Rob! Thanks for stopping by my blog Rima, I love yours!


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