Our Love Affair with LA

I fall more and more in love with Southern California with every visit. LA never runs out of exciting places, food or experiences to try.

Disney-NightDisneyland at nighttime is such a treat.


Carthay Circle's Tiramisu Cheesecake

Our belated Valentines Day meal was a lunch at California Adventure's newest restaurant Carthay Circle. An appetizer, 2 amazing entrees, a dessert and a glass of wine later, our eyes were rolling to the back of our heads. Definitely their best in-park fine dining experience yet!


I'm SO pleased to announce that my dear bloggy friend Emily of the beautiful Anna Delores Photography will be our wedding photographer! When dreaming of my ideal wedding photos, I knew Emily's aesthetic was exactly what we were going for. Just proof of how wonderful the blogging world can truly be, I can't wait for Emily to be part of our special day. Loved sharing a glass of wine and lots of laughs with you Emily! <3


In LA's Koreatown, Rob and I ventured into Korean barbecue for the first time. O Dae San came highly recommended by our LA foodie expert, Branden and it did not disappoint. But having never tried Korean BBQ, we spent most of the night laughing and peeking over to other people's tables to make sure we weren't embarrassing ourselves. They brought us a completely overflowing plate of raw meat, tongs and a pair of scissors. After Rob and I stared at our full steak, wondering how in the world we would cut it without a fork or a steak knife, our server was kind enough to help us out. They were so helpful and we were UNBELIEVABLY stuffed afterwards. What a meal, definite a must try!


Thanks for wonderful Valentines Day present Rob, I adore you!

Do you have that city you can't get enough of?

Lastly, some Oscar thoughts:
1. I LOVED Argo and I'm so happy for Ben Affleck.
2. Catherine Zeta Jones. Phenomenal woman. Great dress.
3. Adele is having the best life ever. I find every acceptance speech of hers SO endearing.
4. Charlize Theron is not a real person. Her face is sculpted perfection.
5. Eh on Seth McFarlene. He's too snarky and current for this show (better suited for less formal shows). It felt like the entire night, he was mocking the jokes that showed up on the teleprompter. I can only imagine the REAL jokes floating around in his head.

What were your thoughts on the Oscars?

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  1. I am right there with you girl...I LOVE that city! If I could be anywhere, that's where I would be. Maybe someday when we make our millions I'll convince Arsen that we can survive there without ending up on the streets...it's just so expensive compared to the cushy little life we live here in Texas. So jealous you get to go so often!

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