Our Newest Adventure: Pet Parenthood

Oh man, I know it's been a hot second since I've been on the blog but I do have a  really good excuse.

This gal.

Intoducing Shay[Photo by Elaine of Kind Photography]

Our friend Elaine saw her getting pushed out of a car on a busy street here in Sacramento, which breaks my heart to think about! While Elaine couldn't take her at the time, she went back 3 hours later and our sweet pup was still there, which I think is definitely fate. Rob and I volunteered to house her for the night and we absolutely fell in love!

The problem was that our beloved Midtown apartment complex strictly prohibits dogs. So until we decided what we were going to do, Rob's dad babysat our sweet girl.

And it was a big decision for us. Rob and I hadn't planned on moving before the wedding because putting down another deposit meant more $$. Plus we loved our apartment, it's the first apartment we've ever lived in together. Most of all, I knew what a responsibility having a dog was. I knew that meant we'd have to be more considerate with our weekend trips and late night outings. It meant a lot more eating in instead of dining out. It meant being responsible for something other than ourselves (which for a LONG time, I've said I'm not ready to do). This was a really big decision for us, and it wasn't made lightly, I tossed and turned about it for nights. But it wasn't long until  Shay, Rob and I were desperately attached (we were driving to see her nearly everyday), so we knew what we had to do.

Shay2[Photo by Kind Photography]

Less 3 weeks later, we put down a deposit on a new apartment and we formally moved in this past Saturday. The wonderful thing is that it's literally across the street, so we got to stay in the neighborhood we loved. I'll admit rent is a little higher but so is square footage in the kitchen and I am overwhelmingly happy about that. Plus the walls are painted. Most importantly, dogs are allowed! It was meant to be. (Although if you watched Rob and Branden move the couch in last night, you would definitely NOT think it was meant to be... oh well it's in now! Haha)

So we have a pup of our very own (FYI, I call all dogs pups.). The vet estimates she is only 1.5-2 years old and (THANK THE LORD) she is house trained! Our only concern is that multiple people have commented on the size of her nips so we're praying that she isn't pregnant. I think she might've HAD puppies especially since the vet didn't say anything to us about her being preggers. But I'm hoping for the best, which would NOT include puppies since we're not trained breeders at all.

[As soon as we got all her shots, we took her to the groomers to take all that matted fur off!]

I've never been the sole caretaker of a dog before so it's definitely been a learning experience. But Shay has filled our hearts with so much joy because she's so affectionate and excited to see us all the time. She's brought so much more love into our lives and Rob and I couldn't be more excited.

Shay sleeping

Plus the upside? We walk her constantly, so that means I'm walking constantly! I'd say she's a benefit to Let's Get Physical.

So yes, I will become one of those bloggers who posts incessant pictures of her dog (instagram, facebook, blog you name it). But it's only because I've become a proud mama to one of my favorite living beings in the whole world!

So here's the first of what will be many videos, she loves to chew toys while falling asleep!


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