Oh man, I know it's been a hot second since I've been on the blog but I do have a  really good excuse.

This gal.

Intoducing Shay[Photo by Elaine of Kind Photography]

Our friend Elaine saw her getting pushed out of a car on a busy street here in Sacramento, which breaks my heart to think about! While Elaine couldn't take her at the time, she went back 3 hours later and our sweet pup was still there, which I think is definitely fate. Rob and I volunteered to house her for the night and we absolutely fell in love!

The problem was that our beloved Midtown apartment complex strictly prohibits dogs. So until we decided what we were going to do, Rob's dad babysat our sweet girl.

And it was a big decision for us. Rob and I hadn't planned on moving before the wedding because putting down another deposit meant more $$. Plus we loved our apartment, it's the first apartment we've ever lived in together. Most of all, I knew what a responsibility having a dog was. I knew that meant we'd have to be more considerate with our weekend trips and late night outings. It meant a lot more eating in instead of dining out. It meant being responsible for something other than ourselves (which for a LONG time, I've said I'm not ready to do). This was a really big decision for us, and it wasn't made lightly, I tossed and turned about it for nights. But it wasn't long until  Shay, Rob and I were desperately attached (we were driving to see her nearly everyday), so we knew what we had to do.

Shay2[Photo by Kind Photography] ...continue reading


First off, a big THANK YOU to everyone who entered my Jam Jar and Seasons 52 giveaway! I was honestly trying to find a way to send every person who entered the giveaway a bottle of wine before I realized how absolutely ludicrous that tab would be. Alas,  I hope my sentiments are enough and I really appreciate those who entered!

And just for good measure, Katie B. won the giveaway. :) Congrats Katie!

A few weekends ago was a 3 day weekend for Presidents Day and we had plans to visit one of my bridesmaids Stephanie in the bay area, for her birthday. We drank a little, played a tempestuous game of guys vs. girls trivia, and then spent the next day wandering the city by the bay!

There are moments when I think I could love San Francisco... especially when the sun is out and it's almost 70 degrees. And even more so when you have an El Farlitos burrito, Bi-rite ice cream and amazing raw oysters all in one day. But at the end of the day when we're paying almost $30 for our parking tab, the temp dips to low 40s with wind and there are no places to use the bathroom once you've left a restaurant, I realize I am not a city by the bay kind of gal. But it's a wonderful place to visit!

SF-weekendI have been on such a seafood kick lately! Rob and I have started eating clean for the past two weeks and this was our first weekend out after a week of all home-cooked meals and non stop salads and chicken breasts. Needless to say, we splurged. But those oysters... I'm dreaming of our next trip to SF just for the oysters and calamari.

So unofficially, Let's Get Physical is on the upswing again. After completely disrupting our normal exercise and eating habits when we moved to midtown 6 months ago, Rob and I are working on getting it all back. I'll post about this soon!

What is your favorite fresh seafood item? Where do you go for your seafood kick?




Did anyone else sing this song when they read the title? Cause I sure did.

So it's no surprise I'm a big wine fan around here but I have friends who have only begun their wine adventures (welcome to the dark side my friends). When they ask for recommendations, I get a sparkle in my eye because I know just what to recommend: Jam Jar.

I first wrote about Jam Jar back in my Weekend Wine-d Down series, when I stumbled upon their Sweet Shiraz at a Seasons 52 restaurant. I was only beginning my love affair with wine so I must admit, I picked it for 3 reasons:

A. I liked it's fun name. Jam Jar.
B. It was reasonably priced (somewhere between $8-$10)
C. It was from South Africa and my dear bloggy friend Nicole was moving there so I wanted to feel close to her.  :)

But I was more than pleased, I fell into a deep passionate love affair. I think I told Rob at least 4 times that night, "I love this wine!" And Jam Jar forever lives on our wine rack (sometimes 3-4 bottles at a time!).

JamJarWineYup, I even took Jam Jar camping!

So when Jam Jar contacted me after reading my blog post, my mind was blown. When they said they said also wanted to give away a $50 Seasons 52 giftcard to my readers, I was ecstatic (for you guys of course!).

First off, Seasons 52 is a beautiful restaurant that provides a seasonal menu with a farmers market flair. One of my favorite things about it is that every entree on the menu is under 500 calories.  From flatbread pizzas to filet mignon to goat cheese ravioli, they're all under 500 calories! Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz is served at all Seasons 52 locations and is a perfect sweet wine to pair with all the tasty mini indulgences. They also have their Jam Jar Sweet White that is featured in their Flights and Flatbreads promotion (available through June).

Jam Jar Seasons 52

Jam Jar wines are crowd pleasing and easy to drink wines, especially for beginner wine drinkers out there. It would be wonderful as a sangria and even for the more experienced winos like myself, a chilled glass of Jam jar is one of my favorite ways to end a long day. So trust me, you want this giftcard!

So without further adieu, enter here to win a $50 Seasons 52 giftcard to try out Jam Jar yourselves. It's the perfect place for a Valentines Day meal with your guy/girl or gaggle of girlfriends so enter now! (To check for a Seasons 52 near you, click here).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck loves!


While I did receive products free of charge for hosting this giveaway, all opinions are 100% my own. I promise I do absolutely love this wine and have bottles of it on my wine rack! Feel free to ask me to snapchat you a photo for evidence.


Hey ya'll! These last few weeks have been all about getting my life squared away for 2014, so here are some updates!

- With the new year, I started a new position at work as a Project Manager. It's exciting and frightening at the same time. Someday soon I plan to blog about the field I work in because it's a cause that hits very close to home. But for now, I'll tell ya my mind is FRIED at the end of the day now. In a really good way.

- I'm obsessed with juicing! For our bridal shower, someone got us an amazon gift card and a few days later, our $30 juicer was on its way. Since then, I look forward to juicing any chance I can get. We started out with every weekend and now we're juicing for breakfast every morning. And we definitely worked our way to green juice, lately with 95% vegetables and 5% fruit! Better than any caffeine boost to start my morning. Any other juicing fanatics out there?


- Wedding. It's definitely accelerating quickly, as it should less than 5 months out. The good news is that I think I've convinced Rob to hire a wedding planner for the day-of and we're meeting with one next week! The bad news, we're over budget. No surprise here.

- After falling off the wagon when we moved to Midtown (3 months ago), Rob and I have started training again! It's with a new gym, literally 3 blocks away that does crossfit-type circuits in a group environment. Taking a fitness hiatus for 3 months basically makes it feel like I'm starting at square 1, every muscle in my body aches for DAYS after a workout. But it's good knowing we're getting back into it. And we signed up for the Disneyland 10K in August! :)


- Inspired by the lovely Setarra, Rob and I are also on a restaurant diet, meaning we're restricting our eating out habit. We decided on only 3 meals a week which I know seems like a lot to some people. But considering we spend at least 2 dinners a week with friends, that leaves us one more meal for date night! I didn't realize that most of the time we've lived in Midtown, we'd eat as many as 6-8 meals out a week (lunch and dinner on the weekend already counted as 4!) so I'm officially living in my kitchen cooking now.

BaconPaellaOne of my 3 dining experiences last week was for Sacramento Bacon Week, Bacon Paella at Selland's. YUM.

I know this is a pretty ho hum post but hey, it's an update none the less.

Stay tuned for a post next week, it features my favorite wine and a fun Valentines Day giveaway!

What's new with you?

Miss you, love you!