Real Beauty Sketches by Dove

While I originally planned to check in on my fitness journey today, I stumbled upon a video that I knew I had to share. (Trust me, it's worth the 3 minutes!)

I found the video on Birchbox. It was made by Dove as part of their Real Beauty campaign.

(And just in case you're bawling like a baby, just know that I did too.)

There will always be body or facial features that we're less than fond of.

With airbrushed ads in magazines, reality shows with unrealistic expectations and even style bloggers who seem to have it all, how could we not?

But it's important not to just "accept" these features we aren't fond of, it's about realizing that those features exemplify the true beauty in being an individual.

The beauty of being you.

It's knowing that the features we perceive as unattractive on ourselves might not be seen the same by others (and may even be considered unique or beautiful!)

But more importantly they're part of who we are.

How we perceive ourselves affects us and the way we interact with the world and we can control that.

So let's make an effort to love ourselves today and everyday, for who we are. 

Here's to lookin' at you beautiful. (yea YOU, reading this post!)

I was not compensated in any way for this post but this campaign alone makes me a HUGE fan of what Dove stands for. I applaud you Dove, thank you on behalf of women everywhere!

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19 thoughts on “Real Beauty Sketches by Dove

  1. Such a great video! As I've gotten older, I've learned to appreciate the things I do have that other girls would kill to have. It definitely puts things in perspective. They say "the grass is always greener" and it's SO true that we all think like that. Although I'd kill to have thicker legs and a smaller nose, I wouldn't be Rachel if I had those things 🙂

  2. This is such an amazing video. I totally had tears in my eyes (I had to hold them back because I can't start off my day at work a mess like that!). We are our own worst critic. We notice "flaws" about ourselves that others would never see, which this video really demonstrates. Thanks for sharing this. Love you, beautiful! 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. I saw this yesterday and absolutely loved it–Dove always has amazing, socially conscious videos and ads. I'm definitely guilty of being too hard on myself, looks-wise and life-wise, but this just goes to show that those "flaws" we think are so obvious to the world are really invisible to others. We're our own worst critics!

  4. I saw this video yesterday and I absolutely love it! It's a good reminder that our views of ourselves are distorted. I really love the message that Dove sends in their real beauty campaign.

  5. Wow. This video really touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. The funny this is that earlier today my husband complimented me on some pictures, and I was surprised because I thought I looked a little chunky in them and wasn't a big fan. I know I am way harder on myself than necessary. Thank you so much for sharing this and letting me take a minute to reflect on that!

  6. alisonlumbatis

    Glad I wasn't wearing my makeup yet. Wow, so powerful. I want my daughters to see themselves for who they really are, instead of criticizing themselves. Beautiful!

  7. katie

    i totally agree with everybody above. thank you for sharing. For the record, Evani you're one of the most beautiful women i know both inside and out. You have a gorgeous face and body (i mean, check out those boobs) and even better you have the warmest heart and bright outlook on life. I feel so blessed to call you my friend. Rob is a lucky lucky man

  8. amazing. i know it's hard sometimes to embrace and appreciate your look/features... but I have to remind myself God made me the why I am and to His eyes, I'm perfect. I have flaws and growing up it was hard to appreciate it or even to accept them. But now as I gotten older, I've accepted them and now am and still learning how to love them.

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