Red, Red Wiiiiiine (Giveaway!)

Did anyone else sing this song when they read the title? Cause I sure did.

So it's no surprise I'm a big wine fan around here but I have friends who have only begun their wine adventures (welcome to the dark side my friends). When they ask for recommendations, I get a sparkle in my eye because I know just what to recommend: Jam Jar.

I first wrote about Jam Jar back in my Weekend Wine-d Down series, when I stumbled upon their Sweet Shiraz at a Seasons 52 restaurant. I was only beginning my love affair with wine so I must admit, I picked it for 3 reasons:

A. I liked it's fun name. Jam Jar.
B. It was reasonably priced (somewhere between $8-$10)
C. It was from South Africa and my dear bloggy friend Nicole was moving there so I wanted to feel close to her.  🙂

But I was more than pleased, I fell into a deep passionate love affair. I think I told Rob at least 4 times that night, "I love this wine!" And Jam Jar forever lives on our wine rack (sometimes 3-4 bottles at a time!).

JamJarWineYup, I even took Jam Jar camping!

So when Jam Jar contacted me after reading my blog post, my mind was blown. When they said they said also wanted to give away a $50 Seasons 52 giftcard to my readers, I was ecstatic (for you guys of course!).

First off, Seasons 52 is a beautiful restaurant that provides a seasonal menu with a farmers market flair. One of my favorite things about it is that every entree on the menu is under 500 calories.  From flatbread pizzas to filet mignon to goat cheese ravioli, they're all under 500 calories! Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz is served at all Seasons 52 locations and is a perfect sweet wine to pair with all the tasty mini indulgences. They also have their Jam Jar Sweet White that is featured in their Flights and Flatbreads promotion (available through June).

Jam Jar Seasons 52

Jam Jar wines are crowd pleasing and easy to drink wines, especially for beginner wine drinkers out there. It would be wonderful as a sangria and even for the more experienced winos like myself, a chilled glass of Jam jar is one of my favorite ways to end a long day. So trust me, you want this giftcard!

So without further adieu, enter here to win a $50 Seasons 52 giftcard to try out Jam Jar yourselves. It's the perfect place for a Valentines Day meal with your guy/girl or gaggle of girlfriends so enter now! (To check for a Seasons 52 near you, click here).

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Good luck loves!


While I did receive products free of charge for hosting this giveaway, all opinions are 100% my own. I promise I do absolutely love this wine and have bottles of it on my wine rack! Feel free to ask me to snapchat you a photo for evidence.

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15 thoughts on “Red, Red Wiiiiiine (Giveaway!)

  1. Hey Evani! Never heard of Jam Jar, although I can suggest it for our next work wine & cheese event! I've been to seasons 52 twice but would love to try their dessert shooters!

  2. First of all, I totally started singing that song in my head haha! And second of all, I've never heard Jam Jar wine before but I will definitely be on the lookout for it the next time I'm out wine buying. I've also never heard of Seasons 52 before either but I'll definitely check on your link to see if they have any locations around the D.C. area. Long live wine and its wine lovers! So happy you were given this opportunity to spread the wine love 🙂

  3. I'm a sucker for names/packaging. I once chose a beer based on it's name: fatty boombalaty. Who wouldn't want to try that. I'd probably like to try the Buffalo Burger. I always see mystery shops come up for Season 52. I'm gonna have to try to pick it up sometime.

  4. I'd love to try the sweet white! They actually just opened a Seasons 52 near me and I've yet to go! Definitely can't wait to try it out 🙂

  5. katie

    i love the idea of visiting your new pad and sharing a bottle of jam jar. sounds incredible. i'll bring the cheese

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