Review: 31 days of Creative Homemaking ebook by Domestic Fashionista

Hands down, my favorite part of blogging is the community and meeting other women who share similar interests. There's a special feeling you get when you stumble upon a blog that just resonates with you, because their content screams "we could be friends!"And that's how I felt about Ashley at Domestic Fashionista. We even met at this Sacramento bloggers event!

Ashley is an amazing blogger, with talents ranging from writing personal posts, home decor and party planning, all with a beautiful simplicity. She's one of those bloggers where you say, "How does she do it all?" and the best part is that she shares her secrets: in her brand new 31 days of Creative Homemaking ebook.


The 98 page ebook topics range from menu planning, home decor, party planning and so much more. Ashley's written voice speaks volumes, especially when describing her views on homemaking: "Whether you have a more modern or traditional view of your role in the home, I think we can all agree that we want a place that feels like our own, that shows love to those who live there or visit it, and to take pride and find joy in.  At the end of a long day, you deserve a refuge from the world and so does your family. "

My personal favorite section of the ebook is the party planning. Ashley's ability to plan simple, beautiful parties has always appealed to me and how could it not? This gorgeous party below was in her backyard and the her party planning tips are in the ebook!

31daysEbook2An actual excerpt from the ebook.

You all know I don't do sponsored posts very often because I only take on things I feel passionate about. Ashley's ebook is a compilation of all the beautiful things she does and it's a wonderful way to support a fellow blogger on her newest venture! I couldn't wait to share this ebook with all my readers because its a very modern and beautifully explained portrayal of what it's like to make house a home for today's woman.

And the gorgeous photos of her home? Don't even get me started on those. Feel free to stop by Domestic Fashionista and congratulate Ashley on her ebook!

Click here to get your copy of 31 Days of Creative Homemaking for the Modern Woman!

Is there anything you think is a necessity for making your house a home?

For me, it's definitely having family or friends present and having lots of pictures hanging around!






Disclaimer: I was given a pre-released version of the ebook and encouraged to share my honest opinion with my readers. Also the link to the ebook is an affiliate link so I may receive compensation for purchases made. All thoughts and opinion are 100% my own, I pinky swear. 

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  1. Congrats to Ashley on her e-book! That party photo looks so pretty! I like the idea of a home being a sanctuary. I agree that having photos makes a big difference. We are slowly trying to add some artwork to our home too. Hope you have a great weekend!

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