Simply Baking: Avenger Cake Pops

May 10th holds a special place in my heart for two reasons: 1. Rob, the love of my life was born on May 10th and 2. I made my first set of cake pops on May 10th of last year. I like to think my first set of cake pops created what Simply Evani is today because it opened my eyes to an entire world of crafting and baking I didn't know before!

Rob and I started dating on Nov 12, 2005, our senior year of high school. Last year, my first cake pops were football themed for his birthday and this year, The Avengers came out with perfect timing. I wanted to try something new for me so I decided to go with upside-down cake pops and flag decorations. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves!

The flavors were all White cake with either Strawberry or Caramel icing. I brought them to Rob's office and got equal compliments on both flavors but I was personally partial to the Strawberry. I was told the Caramel tasted similar to Butterscotch.

The cake pop colors were created with Wilton candy melts. I made the flags with cardstock and images printed off the internet and attached them with the ever handy E600 glue.

If you would like the Printables, I made them available here for download!

What do you think of them?? I'm always trying to make "masculine" cake pops, did I pull it off?

Happy Birthday to my love! Thank you for being in my life for the past 6 years and I can't wait for many many more!


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23 thoughts on “Simply Baking: Avenger Cake Pops

  1. Eva

    I was wondering what type of cake pops Rob would get for this birthday! Super masculine and cute. 🙂

  2. Rob

    I love u cutie, and the signature looks awesomeeee.

    And it was funny Eva did text me during the day saying she was wondering what kind of cake pops I'd get this year haha

  3. those are sooo awesome. I have yet to venture out to the world of cake-pops. i want ironman! hahaha...

    ps: funny how are men's names are Rob.

    1. Post author

      Once you start into cake pops, it's addicting! Aside from the baking aspect, it's the craftiness of decorating that gets me so involved. Thanks for stopping by Rima!!

    2. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!I've been around for quite a lot of time, but fiallny decided to show my appreciation of your work! Thumbs up, and keep it going!CheersChristian,

    1. Post author

      Thank you for the compliments and sentiments! I love reading sleep and water for all my beauty needs so I really appreciate you stopping by! 🙂

  4. Diana

    Such an awesome idea! Where did you find the cute flags? Our soon to be 4 yr old LOVES The Avengers...this would be a cute idea for his party.

    1. Post author

      Hi Diana! Thanks for stopping by. I actually printed the flags off the internet, maybe I can help you make a template for your 4 year olds party?!? E-mail me at if you're interested!! 🙂

  5. Tonya

    Any chance u can share what site u pulled images off of for the little guy is turning 5 at the end of the month and he saw these and claimed they were the "ones"!!!! We LOVE ur cake pops!!!!!

    1. Post author

      Hi Tonya,
      I'm honored you and your little one liked my pops! I unfortunately haven't had time to make the template yet but I will get to it and get back to you! I'm hoping to get something down no later than the end of this upcoming weekend. Thanks for the sweet compliments and thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  6. Nicky M

    Those came out great!!! Where did you find the flags? My boys' birthday is coming up and have found your post very helpful. Thanks.

  7. Kristi A.

    My son is turning 7 and he just loves the Avengers!! Could you please send me an email of where you found the flags at? Thanks!!

  8. Ruth

    Hi Evani,

    Great job! the avenger cake pops look awesome! My son is turning 6 soon and I am planing his birthday. I would like to know where to find the link for the flags. Could you please send me an email with the link if possible 🙂

    Thanks and Regards,

  9. Jodi

    I was just wondering what color you used for Thor??? I am making these for a friend's son for his Birthday.

  10. Raissa

    Hi can you send me the link for the flags? My son is turning 6. Please help me with these. Thanks! 🙂

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