Simply Baking: Strawberry Cupcakes

Happy Hump Day readers!

Can I confess something to you all? I had no idea what "hump day" meant until recently. Lol, can you imagine what I thought it was before I understood it was the "hump" of the week?

Anyhoot, my Aunt brought us fresh ripe strawberries from SoCal and I had 2 recipes in my Pinterest board just waiting for them! I'm happy to share these 2 amazing recipes from Eat, Live, Run and Baking Bites.

I initially made this Strawberry on Strawberry deliciousness from Eat, Live, Run but I wanted to try it with a Chocolate cupcake from Baking Bites. Both options were winners in my book!

The Strawberry frosting was the shining star of this recipe, and it made enough to ice 24 cupcakes, 24 mini cupcakes AND approximately 3 cups worth to save for a rainy day (AKA, an excess of frosting). I have to be honest and say I rarely ever sift anything (its possible I don't have the technique down but it takes me HOURS to sift) so maybe I got powdered sugar happy and it made extra? Anyhoot, it was DELICIOUS so I didn't mind having extra.

The Strawberry cake was yummy too but for some, it might have been a little too much Strawberry on Strawberry action.

So two days later, I opted to try them with a chocolate cupcake recipe. When I finished the chocolate cupcakes, I only had time to snap a picture at dawn (bright and early before my 9-5) so I apologize for the yellowish tint.

Overall, I heard the combination of the recipes (Fresh Strawberry Frosting and Chocolate Cupcake) was a true winner but I really loved both of these recipes and you can't go wrong with either! Check out the blogs for the full recipes:

Eat, Live, Run's  Strawberry Cupcake with Fresh Strawberry Frosting

Baking Bites' Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream
(FYI, I only made the cupcake)

Hospital Fashion

Check out this suh-weeet photo of my sister and I rockin the latest fashion trend:
Hospital Gowns and Latex gloves

My Grandma is set to come home either tomorrow or Thurs so all is well! But because of a potential bacteria, we had to suit up in order to visit her. It sounds more intense than it was.  I also got a huge kick out of saying "Suit Up!" a la Barney Stinson (HIMYM fans anyone!?)

Thanks again for all the prayers and good thoughts! Have a great Wednesday!

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26 thoughts on “Simply Baking: Strawberry Cupcakes

  1. Rob

    I've been wondering about the gowns too since your instagram haha but the strawberry on strawberry is definitely on my list of favorite baked goods! So delicious!!

    1. Post author

      Right?! It was such a happy meeting point for 2 of my favorite things too! Let me know how the recipe goes for you! 🙂

  2. One: Thanks for posting this, because I have an upcoming order of Strawberry Cupcakes! (i like to experiment recipes!)
    Two: YES. I am a BARNEY fan. Awesome High Five?

    1. Post author

      It's definitely a must try recipe Rima!! Also yes Awesome High Five!! Neil Patrick Harris is amazeballlls. I love that show! So happy to find another HIMYM fan!

    1. Post author

      Thank you so much for the sweet words, that means a lot to me! And the frosting was to DIE for. Just making the frosting is worth all the time it took! 🙂

    1. Post author

      Hi Yi-chia! Thanks for the compliments and the cupcakes were delicious!! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love yours and started following today! <3

    1. Post author

      Thanks Meghan! I love your blog and I'm so excited I subsribed so I don't miss an entry! Yea I don't think the e-mail will work since I'm WordPress and not Blogger?

  3. Just discovered your lovely blog! These cupcakes look amazing! Strawberry season is just starting here in Oregon, I need to try these recipes!

    1. Post author

      Hi Stephanie, thanks for stopping by! I love the food pics on your blog and I'll have to buy my own resin chain and try DIYs with it too! Thanks for stopping by and let me know how the cupcakes go!!

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