Simply Celebrating: Candyland

Happy Wednesday everyone!

So while I work on another gift guide, I figured I would finally share some of the photos I took of our Candyland party at work. We had over 800 people RSVP for this event and I was in charge of the Candyland carnival, which made up a big portion of the activities. And mind you, by the time the event rolled around, I had worked three 12-hour days in a row (organizing, setting up, etc) on top of running a major portion on the actual day so photographs were low on my priority list.

There was so much more that I didn't get a chance to photograph! And the study coordinators and interns DIY'd so much of the decorations, I thought they looked pretty great for how much we spent. Each study ran a room with an activity and in case others are planning a Candyland party, I figured I'd share what those were.

Cupcake Commons: Cupcake Decorating and Sensory Play
Peppermint Pass: Hopscotch
Gumdrop Mountain: Gumdrop Snowflakes with toothpicks
Ice Palace: Snowball toss
Ice Cream Slopes: Ice Cream (donated by Vic's Ice Cream)
Lollipop Woods: Toy search in colored rice
Chocolate Mountains: Ring Toss (onto a giant Hershey kiss)
Licorice Lagoon: Fishing
Molasses Swamp: Ball pool
Sour Patch: Teen games (Chess, cards, etc)
Candy Castle: Spot the fairy

It turned out to be such an incredible party, even with the insane amount of  people in a small space. All throughout the building, we had staff dressed up as different popular characters (like Elmo and Spiderman) and I got lucky enough to get to wear my favorite Princess, Belle! Despite the craziness of the rainstorm that day, I think the kids had a great time.

Doesn't my friend Bella look like a perfect Snow White??

I had SO much fun planning the party but I was utterly exhausted by the end of it all. I'm always bummed that I can spend so much time working on projects for the party but by the time it's done, I'm too exhausted or frazzled to photograph it! I always take on DIYs for events but find I don't set aside extra time to set it up for my blog. 🙁 Do any other DIY'ers have this problem?

What was your favorite childhood board game? I loved Candyland and it was so much fun recreating it!

Also, quick poll. How do you feel about bloggers using Polyvore to create collages as opposed to making them from scratch on Photoshop? Do you feel like its "cheating" somehow? I'd LOVE to hear your opinion!

Have a great hump day!

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16 thoughts on “Simply Celebrating: Candyland

  1. Everything looks awesome and fun!

    I was thinking this morning that I shouldn't worry so much about posting. I'll get to it when I can. I don't need the added stress. With that said, I sometimes set up a couple of posts when I have free time and schedule them to post. They're usually the think I like or quotes type posts so it's not content that has to be current.

  2. That is a wonderful party! I love the decorations and game ideas!

    As for Polyvore vs. Photoshop, I know I do both. I have PS but sometimes I just don't feel like using it 🙂 And I think the Polyvore collages are nice and I like the links sometimes.

  3. Wow what an awesome party! And I love you and your friend dressed up as princesses! My favorite board game as a child was monopoly. I know, it's kind of a boring game, but for some reason I just loved it. That and Hungry Hungry Hippo. Or does that not count as a board game? It requires no thought, which is why I loved it. 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. Eva

    That is crazy impressive Roomsky, good work!! I can't even make party favors for a party I'm helping host... womp wommmmp

  5. Oooo...the party looks good! We tried to do a Candyland themed party for a friends grad party, but it didn't turn out like this. I guest posted over at Melissa's today and you were wondering what the 8 songs were, so I thought I'd come over and tell you. 1. Escape by Rupert Holmes, 2. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air rap by Will Smith 3. Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson 4. Count on Me by Bruno Mars (awesome song) 5. California Girls by Katy Perry 6. Die Young by Kesha 7. I gotta feeling by the Black Eyed Peas 8. Good Life by One Republic...whoa that was a mouthful!


  6. Your party turned out amazing!!!! It sounds like so much fun! Candy Land was my absolute fave board game, but I loved Chutes & Ladders too!

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