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Happy Almost Friday everyone!

So in tweet/text exchanges with 3 of my blog besties (Rima, Melissa and Nicole), I'm missing Disneyland again. And it got me thinking about why I love that place so darn much. I've always loved Disneyland but I think when I saw World of Color for the first time in August of 2010, it completely reinvigorated my love for everything Disney. World of Color definitely tops my list of must-sees at Disneyland.

World of Color is a water show at California Adventure, I always describe it as the Bellagio fountains on crack. The use the rollercoaster and ferris wheel as part of the show and they work with projected images like they do with Fantasmic. And of course it's set to a beautiful soundtrack full of classic Disney stories.

The first time I saw World of Color, I HAD to see it again the next day. And since then, we've even built trips specifically for seeing World of Color (including a 48 hour trip to Disneyland with my college roommates). I know admitting this make me seem a smidge insane but like I always say, I speak from the heart 'round these parts. This is who I am!

Also, World of Color does change slightly based on the season. They will add clips of new Disney movies or holiday themed story lines, which makes it a little different almost every time of year. I love that.

I've seen World of Color from virtually every angle (recently, we even walked around it entirely so I've even seen it from behind!) and I think my favorite place to view it from is the bridge. Most of these photos are from the bridge.

All Photos taken with my iPhone 4s (can't wait to try out panorama on my new 5!)

How to View: If you're ever at the Happiest Place on Earth, specifically California Adventure, absolutely don't pass up the opportunity to see this show. It requires a (free) fastpass, that doesn't affect ride fast passes and it gives you a specific section to stand in. They distribute the fastpasses over by Grizzly River Run and if you're serious about viewing, I would head straight to the fastpasses right when the park opens just to get the best section. You can pre- order meals from Ariel's Grotto and Wine Trattoria that offer reserved seating as well without having to get the fastpass like everyone else, which is great if you have the money to spare!

Anyhoot, at least editing those picture will get me through until my next trip, hopefully in November! I might be going with Rob while he has work so that means I'll have full days to myself either in the hotel or at the parks so I'd love to meet up with any SoCal bloggers or Disney enthusiasts like myself. 🙂

What's your favorite part of the Disney parks? Have you seen World of Color?

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  1. Wow, that looks like it'd be so much fun! I've never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld! [I live in Florida is a bit closer. Do they have one there?!]

  2. I have yet to see the world of color. I know...I know. Shame on me! But I love the tip about eating at Ariel's Grotto! I have wanted to eat there and this would be a great double excuse to have great seats and enjoy eating there. I hear it is pretty expensive though, right? Anyways, love your love for Disney! I am hoping out next trip will be near Christmas as I have never been during that season. Not sure if I will be that lucky to go this year though since we just got back from vacation! 🙂

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