Simply Obsessing: Summer Wedges

Happy Thursday ya'll!

Today I'm joining up again with one of my favorites link ups, Current Crush Thursdays! I'm only 5'0" so as long as I have somewhere to go, I'm in heels or wedges to give me that added bump. Wedges are the perfect way to dress up a summer look so here are some wedges I'm simply obsessing about!


I miiiiight be a shoe addict. Which are your faves? Do you have a favorite store or website where you buy shoes?

Link up today with the lovely Danielle from Framed Frosting and her co-host Courtney from Baxtron Life!

Womp Wompppp...

Yesterday via convos with some of my favorite bloggers DaniellePunky and Tammy I discovered that I am indeed a No-Reply Blogger. 🙁 Not by choice but because WordPress doesn't allow me to comment with my e-mail attached. So I apologize to all you bloggers who desperately hate no-reply bloggers, I have no choice in the matter! I plan to investigate and blog more about this in my weekend entry so stay tuned for more.

Also, I realized my replies to your comments aren't getting to you wonderful people, unless you come back to the entry?! That's no fun. I think I'm going to start replying via e-mail unless its relevant to more than one person. Any thoughts on that? Hope that works!

Happy Pre-Friday everyone!

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22 thoughts on “Simply Obsessing: Summer Wedges

  1. Those wedges are fabulous for the summer, especially the colourful printed ones 🙂 I like #1 and #5 the best. I'm really bad at replying to comments, I try to do so every now and then, but honestly I think most people do not return to the original post to read my response anyway :p Especially if I only respond randomly. Maybe the best way would be to respond to a particular comment directly on that person's blog so they will read it, which is what I sometimes do as well 🙂

  2. Hey Evani, Cant believe we chose the same crush today!I also wrote about wedges. Am so glad I found your blog because it is amazing!Am also 5'0' so constantly looking for something to make me taller!I'll be a common visitor around these parts!!

  3. I love wedges! They're so cute! My favorites are #5...although I'm 5'7", so I kind of have the opposite problem & I try not to wear shoes that are too high!

  4. I love #3! I wish I could wear wedges more... in my old age I've gotten clumsy so anything too tall and we have a high risk of falling on my face or on my ass. Neither of which would look too cute.

  5. here's the thing... i want ALL OF THOSE. my current favorite wedges are so dirty and beat up i think i might just need to invest in a new pair. ohhh man... contributing to my online shopping addiction, i dont hate it!

  6. 1 and 7 are screaming my name! As are 2 and 4 and...ok all of them! I have no excuses to wear them, other than I love them!! (I'm 5'9"!)

  7. AHHH 🙂 I am such a sucker for a cute wedge!
    I am terrible at walking in heels but I can manage wedges.
    Number 7 are my favorite! SO cute!


  8. You don't know how many times I replied to a comment of yours before I realized you had that pesky no-reply-blogger email going on! I really thought we were having some great convos until like a week ago 🙂 At least now you know I haven't been ignoring your comments haha!!!

    1. Post author

      Honestly girl, I think I have bad feet. Because I can be quite miserable in heels/wedges. But I'm so short, I literally cannot do without. I'm also flat footed which makes shoe shopping and wearing REALLY fun. NOT. haha

  9. Evani, I always receive your replies in my mailbox, but maybe because I comment here with a WordPress acc and I can thick the "Notify me of follow-up comments via email." box. I also don't know what should I do on my blog about it... Many readers actually don't like it, if you reply them via email. But you can never please everyone, so I dunno...

    1. Post author

      Yea girl, I know what you mean. I forgot you're WordPress so I can reply to you right here! I think I'm going to e-mail reply to all non-Wordpress though, I didn't realize they might never see my reply! 🙂 Thanks for letting me know.

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