Simply Tasty: Penne w/ Sun-dried Tomato

Happy almost Friday everyone!

Awhile back, I had a friend's birthday to attend, potluck style. As one of my 25 before 25, I'm seeking my signature dish to bring to parties so this was my first try at that. I wanted something crazy quick with a limited number of ingredients so this recipe was perfect!

 Recipe adapted from: Carnation Milks at Very Best Baking

Best part of this recipe is that from start to finish, this only takes about 15 minutes to make! And minus maybe the sun-dried tomato and Italian cheese blend, most of these ingredients are things people keep in their pantry. My only recommendation is to take the cream sauce out of the pan as soon as it's melted. I would've liked the sauce to be a smidge more runny and I'm not sure if that means I should've added more milk or if I shouldn't have let the cheese cook for so long. Either way, this is a GREAT super easy party dish and it made quite a bit of pasta!

So last night, instead of getting sleep or working on a million blog related things, we took my sister to see Wreck it Ralph for her birthday. I highly recommend it, it was so cute! If you're a Disney or video game fan, it's definitely a must see. If you're not though, I think it's a movie for everyone too. It was a well thought out plot and the movie short they showed before the movie was reallllly cute. Basically, just go see it. (Ramble much?)

I'll be down in Anaheim starting Saturday to Tuesday! While I will probably be car-less, Rob will be working most of the day Sunday and Monday and I'd love to see any bloggers (*cough definitely you NICOLE cough*) who wouldn't mind a trip to Disneyland! We can meet in downtown Disney, where you don't need to buy a ticket, if you're not an annual passholder. Hit me up friends! 🙂 If not, I may or may not be that somewhat sad person sitting at Disneyland by myself, maybe writing a blog entry. Who am I kidding, I'll be joyous either way, it's Disneyland. Haha

Today is one of my FAVORITE blogger's birthday, Yi-chia from Always Maylee! I absolutely adore Yi-chia not just because she has incredible style but because she is genuinely one of the sweetest girls in the blogging world. I love her insightful comments and her contagious kindness. Join me in wishing her a giant Happy Birthday! Love ya girlfriend!

Lastly, my fabulous Tridelt sista Pearl is hosting her first giveaway on her blog. It's a great prize so definitely check it out and give her a big blog welcome from you and me!

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  1. That looks delicious. Why is pasta so good?

    I want to see Breaking Dawn part 2, but haven't even seen part 1 or all the other movies. And if I were in the area I'd be down to hang out at Disney with you.

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