Simply Traveling: Santa Monica

Happy Thursday everyone!

I could not be ANY happier with the ladies that linked up with Let's Get Physical yesterday! Check them out here because they're all amazing (I promise) ! If you weren't able to join us for September, feel free to join us for the next link up on October 10th.

On our recent trip down south, we stayed with a good friend of ours that lives in Brentwood, close to the Santa Monica pier. He was such a gracious host and he definitely made sure we had a great time. We ate A LOT... I'll just let the picture speak for themselves.

Santa Monica Restaurants:

800 degrees - Like a Chipotle for pizza, you go down a line and create your own. AMAZING. Highly recommend the pesto sauce!

Diddy Riese -Cheapest ice cream cookie sandwich ever!

The Misfit - AMAZING Ahi Tuna and the best sea salt chocolate chip cookie I've ever had. They also do an endless mimosa brunch I'm definitely returning for!

Although I wish maybe I would've thrown in a morning jog or two, I don't regret any of the deliciousness posted above! Food is a big part of my life and I won't apologize for that. But I can only eat like that on vacations, eating such AMAZING food daily would not only hurt my fitness journey but my Rob's wallet too, eek!

I have NEVER had an Ahi Tuna Burger and I think my life was changed FOR-EH-VER. Do you have any recommendations of places where you love their ahi tuna burger??

In between all the food might've been a drink or two too. Let's just say 32 oz Cabo Cantina Margarita vs. Evani: Margarita-1 Evani-0. (32 oz is A LOT people. Trust me on this. Haha)

What are your favorite spots in Santa Monica? Have you ever been? If you haven't, I highly recommend it!

I can't believe it's almost Friday, YAY!

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17 thoughts on “Simply Traveling: Santa Monica

  1. Darling! This is great! I also spent Labour D. Weekend in LA...Didn't go to any of those restaurants, but look amazing! Will keep those in mind for next time. Question: how do you create those amazing collages? Much love! xoxo

  2. Pictures looks awesome! You keep visiting all these places and I keep telling you that Chicago is amazing. Just saying. Ok what do you use for picture layouts?

  3. ummmm, I am pretty sure that i need to come live in your suitcase. you always go to such awesome places. I go from my couch to my bed. maybe to cvs to get nail polish, but thats about it....

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