Sunny with a Chance of Clouds


Ever have one of those weeks that was neither good nor bad? This week has been full of such sweet sentiments on the engagement and I couldn't be more grateful. But I've also been feeling ambivalent about a few things here and there. And there might be some design/content changes happening gradually at Simply Evani, I hope you'll continue to follow along! 🙂

I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend, with some wedding planning sprinkled in. I'm going to my first bridal expo! I promise I won't turn this blog into wedding madness but I hope you don't mind me sharing a few things here and there?

What do you have planned this weekend?

Have a great one everyone!

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9 thoughts on “Sunny with a Chance of Clouds

  1. I LOVE hearing about all the fun wedding stuff. Mine was so long ago so it’s nice to live vicariously! It’s your blog, girlfriend, share what you want!!!!

    Trying Hip Hop class at a friend’s new dance studio this weekend, bringing The Boy to a birthday party and skating lessons, and hopefully finding time to just chill!

  2. Eva

    Can't wait to hear more about your wedding! Greetings from London.. now off to Amsterdam for a long weekend! I had an awesome week here; you and Rob should check this city out. There is such good food and such pretty sights. I also did a ton of thrifting!! Love you!

  3. You absolutely should share your wedding details. It's part of your life and you need to share it! This week seemed so long... and I live a boring married life so nothing too exciting planned at all.

  4. I so want to hear your wedding details! It's been a very long time since I was married and I'd love to hear your planning process. Details, details! As for my weekend we are having a "heat wave" of 42' and I shall be outside splitting and stacking the last of this years wood. Fun times!

  5. Of course I'll continue to follow along! I can't wait to see what changes you have in store! And as for the wedding stuff, I'm nowhere near getting married myself so I'll be living through you! Have a lovely weekend!

  6. I'd love to see posts about your wedding plans/inspiration... especially the cake!!! Hope you're scheduling your bakery appointments for cake sampling... that was one of my favorite parts of wedding planning. 😀

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