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Happy Tuesday ya'll!

Thanks to all your wonderful thoughts, I'm feeling somewhat better. I still have this horrid cough and congestion but the sandpaper throat in my feeling has subsided. Hopefully in time for my 24th birthday coming very soon! Thank you SO much for all your well wishes especially for those of you who commented, tweeted or e-mailed me about feeling better, I truly appreciate it!

So I've had a follower of mine (talkin about you Yahanna 😉 ) ask me for my blog suggestions and I decided that it would fit PERFECTLY with Loving Lately today, linking up here with some of my favorites Niki and Rachel. Click on any of the blog headers to take you over to the blogs I featured!

My Party Idea Guru - Jordan Ferney. Complete brillance over at Oh Happy Day

I'm naturally a huge Lauren Conrad fan so I've been a follower of TBD since it's birth! My beauty bible.

Any blogger that doesn't want to be Elsie and Emma is CRAZY. Beautiful sisters with amazing style, beautiful DIYs and photos. 

Ah Mish, a woman after my own heart. Her blog is hilarious. Emily lives the dream life, she's designed her own bag for Coach!. Such beautiful style.

Reading Jessica's blog just always puts me in such a good mood, she's so sweet!Lauren just had a baby but I swear her sarcasm has only sharpened with her lack of sleep.

The photoshop tutorials on Pugly Pixel cannot be beat.

Beautiful photos and such creative DIYs!

I want to add in a few anecdotes about some of the links I share today:

  1.  I have so many wonderful blog friends that I read and comment on daily for various reasons because I love their blogs but also because I consider them my friends. I hope with all my heart they're not offended if they're not listed here. I LOVE your blogs but I'm looking to showcase specific blogs today to appeal certain masses and I hope you love some of these too!
  2.  I did list mostly blogs that we would consider as "bigger" blogs. These big blogs often provide me inspiration for my blog. At the end of the day, big blogs often have the staff and income to produce blogs that appeal to a wide mass, that's why I'm sharing them today. With that being said I LOVE "smaller" blogs, much like my own and I promise I'll do everything I can to help uplift smaller blogs by offering guest posts or social media shoutouts for you all. I'm in the process of updating my Blogroll which includes all my daily reads!

Do you love any of these blogs too?

Share other blogs you love, with me in a comment!

Time for the football rant that you knew was coming

(If you have no idea what happened last night, feel free to read!)

I'm going to go on a QUICK football rant because that was absolutely crazy. I mean every bad call is a bad call but last night was clearly disputable. For those of you who didn't watch the game, the Seahawks threw a last minute pass which could have been ruled either a touchdown by the Seahawks or an interception by Green Bay. Referees ruled it in favor of the Seahawks and they won the game. Seahawks undoubtedly played a STELLAR defensive game and both teams worked hard for every point they scored but everyone is up in arms because the last play of the game had to be decided by the "replacement" referees who are standing in for the experienced referees (who are on a lockout for more money). I can't stop watching the replays because there is undoubtedly wiggle room to defend either decision (even though I lean in favor of Green Bay on this one). All this means is there is a 100% chance everyone will be criticizing the NFL owners, begging them to end this referee lock out and I join them! C'mon guys! #EndThisLockoutNow But both teams played an AWESOME game!

Okay if you hate football, you can come back to me, I'm done! 🙂

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


Happy Monday readers!

I got the crafting itch this weekend and luckily I got around to it! Finding this blog post on Pinterest from one of my favorite blogs A Beautiful Mess, I just knew this had to be it. I'm sorry nearly everything I do is teal but I can't help it, I just gravitate towards that color!

I had 2 options of things to chalkboard. 1 was an IKEA frame (NYTTJA) but with a plastic face, I was unsure it would work. 2 was a Michaels frame that cost $1. I can't get enough of those things, I hoard them in DROVES.

The steps are listed on the above image but basically all you do is mix 1 tbsp unsanded grout with 4 fl oz of acrylic paint (you can mix colors to your liking!). Paint it onto your surface and let it dry. Once fully dry, you condition the paint by rubbing chalk lightly all over and gently wiping off with a paper towel. Then it's ready for you to play with!

I figured since it was Mother's Day, I could make it Mother's Day themed. (Don't worry, I got my Mom an actual present too) That's a picture of me and my siblings, aren't they cute?!
(We're working on my brother's smile haha love you bud)

I know this seems out of order but I do most of my blogging right before bed so it makes more sense for me. Oh and there's a 9-5 job in there somewhere 😉 This is the NYTTJA frame from IKEA and although the plastic took in some of the chalkboard paint, I don't recommend it for repeated use.

I love the idea of being able to change the color to whatever you want. It's as easy as it sounds so if you give it a try, let me know how it goes!

My weekend was a mix of stress and relaxation, mainly because I let things sit in my mind too long even when I can't do anything about it (Can I get an amen ladies?!).  Saturday night was date night with Rob, where we had sangria and tapas before we met up with friends for beers at DeVeres. Sunday was church and relaxation with the family to celebrate Mother's Day. Overall, a great weekend celebrating the wonderful women in my life!

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful Mommy! Thank you for being my biggest fan and loving us unconditionally! I wouldn't be who I am today without you.

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