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It's that time again....

Let's Get Physical!

And because I have some pretty awesome friends who join in with this little link up of mine, I wanted to showcase some of their beautiful faces so without further adieu...

LGPRoyalty via Simply Evani

Find 'em here: Melissa -  Rima   -  Brighton  - Lyss

The point of Let's Get Physical is to connect with others who are on a fitness journey as well. If you don't relate to at least one food weakness or motivation of the ladies above, I just don't think you are a human being. I for one, relate to all of them (I may be biased because they're all close bloggy friends of mine).

So here's my check in of Let's Get Physical for February:

LGPFeb2013 with Simply Evani

Simply Evani
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Link up today! (Open unto Feb 12 at 11:59 pm PST) Don't know how? Read this!


What serves as your BEST source of motivation to get some exercise?

How are you doing on any fitness relation resolutions you made in January?

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Happy Monday everyone!

So I was smart enough to ask 2 of my bloggy bff's for guest posts before I leave but of COURSE I'm not smart enough to schedule them before I leave. So without further ado, while I continue frolicking in Seattle, I give you Rima! She's sharing her adventures in juicing (no, not the guido kind!).

Hey hey hey (Drake-Style)...
What is up, girls (and boys!)... This is Rima from Bolu by Rima!

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Since Evani is going up north to Seattle, she asked me if I want to hop on (her blog, not the plane!) and take over for a day. I was like, "oh hellz yea, gurlfriend *snap snap*"... Anyways, since we both "stalk" each other, she knows that I'm in a mode right now. What kind of mode? Juicing mode.

This all started way back when I was in Elementary school, most likely 5th grade, when I started wearing glasses (still proudly do until now). The woman that I call Mother forced fed me with vegetable juices every single day... Until the juicer died. Both Brother & I rejoiced.

Flash forward to present day. One day I realized my complexion on my face was horrid. My skin was so patchy and dry no matter how much moisturizer I put on. I had zits everywhere. My energy was going down the drain.


Then I told Mother, "Fudge this! I'm getting a juicer." I know deep down inside, she was all smiles. Mother knows best. I wanted to do this earlier this year, esp after watching a documentary on Netflix called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead."If you got time, go and watch it. It's an eye opener. Anyways, due to my busy schedule at work, my diet is pretty poor. I just eat whatever I can think of the day before or on the day of, and just munch away. My diet consist of carbs carbs carbs, some protein and lots of caffeine. Fruits and Veggies? Bottom of the list. Sad, but true. So I wanted a fast way out. Juicing.

Juicing is where all the water content of the fruit/veg is taken out & collected while the pulp goes to waste. Smoothies are when they blend the whole sha-bang to drink. For now I'm just juicing since I don't have a good blender. There is a whole debate on which one's better, juicing vs smoothie, but I won't get to that. Plus I'm not a good debater anyways.

After browsing around Amazon, I've finally found the juicer that I like, based on ratings. I got the Breville, since it's known to be solid. It's easy to use and easy to clean! And as for recipe books, I browsed around the Kindle store and found Drew Canole's is pretty legit. He has great FRUIT and VEG juice recipes.

Today I'm gonna share you my choices of vegs/fruits that I like to make on a day to day basis.

Warning: Yes, it does look gross at first. Yes, it smells like you're gonna drink grass. Yes, it does taste WEIRD at first. No, you won't die from drinking it. One thing for sure, you'll feel like a million bucks (or maybe it's just me?)... You'll feel great once you start having a glass of juice regularly.

It's HIGHLY recommended to consume Le Juice immediately after making it for you the get the SUPER BENEFITS of the nutrients from the juice. Sometimes I make double amount and pour some in a mason jar, store it in the fridge to be consume the following day. Other than that, just make enough for 1 serving. Most of the recipes I'm sharing today are for 1 serving (which is like 1 medium size Mason Jar)

oh another WARNING: It's preferred to be as ORGANIC as possible. Why? You don't want to juice those chemicals that are on those skins of veggies/fruits. Wash them as clean as possible. If using non-organic, I would peel off the skin.

1 Handful of Spinach (I use the washed and ready to use baby spinach. Easy peasy)
1 Medium size Gala Apple (to make it sweet and cover most of the weird taste) -> slice and take out seeds
1/2 of a Large size Cucumber
3 Medium size Carrots
1-2 sticks of Celery (which I hate, dearly)
2 Medium Size Gala Apples
3 Medium Size Carrots
1/3 of a Cucumber
1/2 of a Beet Root
2 Handfuls of Spinach
This one turned out sweet because Carrots and Beets are known for being sweet roots.
1 Kiwi, skinned. Gross if you didn't. Who wants fuzzy juice? Ew.
1 Celery stick
A small piece of Ginger. When I say small, I mean small. One time I made it too big, damn. That juice burnt my throat going down. It made my belly warm all night. Unless you really like ginger. I don't.
1/3 of a Cucumber
2 Green Apples
1 Lemon, skinned... But you can leave some of the inner skin of the lemon
1 handful of Spinach

This one was pretty refreshing because of the Lemon. Ok and partially because of the ginger (gross).

2 Carrots
1/2 head of Romaine Lettuce (yes, the one for salads)
1 handful of Spinach
1 Gala Apple & 1 Green Apple
2 - 3 rings of Pineapple (I used can for this one)

This one actually turned out yummy... Thanks to the pineapples.

Do you noticed a trend? Spinach, Apples and Carrots? Those are my favorites to juice, I guess because they're easy to find in the market.

Lot of recipes would call for Kale, which is HIGHLY nutritious, but I'm just lazy to find it in the market, hehe. But then again, everybody is different.

Now sometimes you will think, "DANK what should I do with all of these pulps?" There still plenty of nutrients in the pulp and sometimes it does suck to see it go to waste. At one point, I ended up baking it into a bread. It turned out uber yummy and high in fiber. You can even use it as compost for your plants/garden. Someone suggested me maybe a face mask? Hahahaha... that I have yet to try.

Anyways, I hope you find this helpful. I guess this is an easy way to get your Veggies and Fruits down your system.

Btw, my skin does look a lot better. I do feel energize through out the day. Give it a try. I do have my lazy days, I just need to get stricter and just don't give up. Yes, you might not wanna down it in the first time. I had a hard time. I just chugged it down like a pro while pinching my nose... But trust me. If you can down a wheatgrass shot from Jamba Juice, you can down this easily.


Isn't Rima the best? Juicing is the perfect segway to the November Let's Get Physical Link up on Wednesday November 7th!  For those of you who haven't linked up before you can read about it here and here but basically it's a link-up to provide support on each other's fitness journeys! I'm hoping to really pump up the volume for November (since it's officially my first Let's Get Physical where I'm a self hosted blog, so maybe there will be a giveaway or two!). So get your confessions, facts and goals ready for Wedneday!

And give it up to Rima one more time *round of applause* and stop by her amazeballs blog. Love you girlfrannnnn!


Happy Tuesday everyone!

So first things first, I did in fact come home. Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that LA was very close to keeping me from returning to Northern Caliornia but alas, reality hit and I'm back. I just can’t get enough of the Southern Californian sun! What an incredible weekend. More on that later this week (trust me, come back for the food photos!).

My Loving Lately was meeting 3 of my FAVORITE blogger friends this weekend ! I was happy anyone was even remotely interested in meeting up with me but even more so overjoyed that it was Emily, Nicole and Rima. I might'veeee had them in mind when I mentioned a meet up… ;). (You can click their headers to check them out!)

When Simply Evani was just taking shape, the first blogger to reply to a comment of mine was Emily from the Anna Delores Blog. In fact, I made the unbelievably common mistake of calling her Anna (which we both laughed about upon meeting in person). Then Anna Delores Blog was the first blog I chose to sponsor when the time came and Emily was the sweetest sponsor, especially for a first timer.

Emily and I decided to meet at Urth Caffe. I was 30 minutes late being the SoCal driving virgin (Rob drives us everywhere when we travel!)so it took 30 minutes to get down Santa Monica Blvd. Lucky for me, Emily is a real life sweetheart and even had an iced tea waiting for me when I got there! We talked about anything and everything, mostly about life and maybe a littttle about blogging ;). I was amazed by how much we had in common and how easily our online friendship translated in real life. We spent 2 hours chatting before we realized the time limit on our parking was going to expire. I can’t wait to see Emily again, I know we’ve got a long friendship ahead of us.

Then on Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting up with Nicole from Treasure Tromp and Rima from Bolu by Rima at UVA bar in Downtown Disney. Both are Disney annual passholders like myself and I seriously read their blogs daily. I fell in love with reading Treasure Tromp when I found out Nicole was getting a Ph.D. in Psychology. I remember being overjoyed that another blogger shared a similar Psych background AND she was so unbelievably nice too! Rima and I bonded over having Robs (Her BF Mr. Pillow is named Rob too), our mutual love for the Backstreet Boys, and overall her hiiiilarious sense of humor.

UVA bar is one of my Disney treasures so I was happy that they were both first timers there. We had a round of drinks and dinner, and talked about anything under the sun. We talked about Disneyland, camping, 5Ks, Blogger vs WordPress and about our jobs. Mr. Pillow started us on a really interesting conversation about how much time we spend blogging daily and we laughed about interesting things we’ve noticed about the blogging world. I was amazed by how true to life our blogs are to who we are and how easy it was to feel at home with fellow blog friends. We reluctantly ended our meet up with exchanging moustache rings that I had just picked up at Santee Alley (FYI girls I was right, it turns your finger green. Just think of it as a decorative souvenir to put somewhere. Pshh I’ll still wear mine. Haha). Rob even commented later on that it felt like the three of us had already met or already knew each other and I simply told him we had : on our blogs. 🙂

When I started blogging with Simply Evani in March of this year, I never imagined it would be what it is now. The people who don’t blog are going to think this sounds crazy but I really do feel like friends with the bloggers I interact with daily. Meeting up with those 3 ladies only proved to me what I already suspected, I’ve found a group of women who have similar interests as me, who read about my life and share theirs too, who provide support or encouragement when it’s needed and whether its online or not, that makes us friends.

I'm always headed down south (I meant we HAVE to make use of our Disneyland Annual Passes 😉 ) so if you live in California or near southern California, let me know! I officially love meeting other bloggers.

Now if only I could get Niki, Celeste, Chris, Yi-Chia, Maša, Lyss and Kristine out here to California...

Did you have a good weekend? What did you do?

Happy Tuesday everyone!

P.S. Don't forget, tomorrow is when I open up the Fitness link up! Read more about it here!


Happy Friday everyone!

I have such AWESOME news to share with you all. There are 3 things:

1. My wallet has been found!!! The lovely people over at Muka have confirmed that a wallet was found. So besides the fact I canceled all my debit/credit cards, I will have everything back in my possession soon! I did a happy dance. I'm still kinda doing it.

2. My brother's baseball team has gone undefeated and will be playing the Regional Championship on Saturday! We've beat Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii and our SoCal neighbors! The team is on fire, wish us luck!

3. And finally, I have the honor of introducing you to one of my BEST bloggy friends Rima from Bolu by Rima! She is so fabbity fab fab because she loves the Backstreet Boys, also has a BF named Rob (aka The Pillow) and she's a frequent flash mobber (not to be confused with a flasher). Plus, she's a full time nurse?! She rocks my socks. Read on my friends!

Introducing Rima!

Hello Simply Evani Readers 🙂 I’m Rima, from Bolu by Rima, and the awesome Evani asked me to do a guest post for all of you! I was very delighted when she offered me to do so. Just like Evani, I love food. I love baking. Baking is one way for me to get through boredom. Eating what I bake is a different story, hahaha... So today I will share you one of my favorite things to bake, COOKIES.

I always browse around books and blogs for great recipes and adapted & tweaked them so I have my own version of the recipe.

Be prepared to drool. Let’s go.

I give you: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.

This recipe makes about 30 – 36 cookies (depends how big of a scoop you do!)

Things you need:

  • A mixer. It can be the standing mixer (hello KitchenAid) with a pedal attachment or your favorite hand-held mixer with the whisk attachment
  • Parchment Paper
  • Baking Sheets
  • Cookie Scooper (your cookies will look unified) – optional. 2 spoons would do!
  • Cooling Rack
  • Some bowls/ramekins to hold your ingredients
  • Spatula
  • Fork
  • iPod, streaming loud and clear for music -> this is a must. It makes baking way more fun
  • Cute apron, if you will


  • 2 ½ cups of All Purpose Flour
  • 1 tsp of Baking Soda
  • ½ tsp of Baking Powder
  • ¼ tsp of Salt
  • optional: pinch of cinnamon, or fresh ground nutmeg, or all spice. Or all 3, if you’re a Spice Girl
  • 2 sticks of oh so yummy Butter. Unsalted please. Room temperature.
  • 1 cup of Peanut Butter. I use Jif, because it’s the #1 brand Mom’s trust (according to the package). If you like a little bite to your cookies, you can use the Crunchy Peanut Butter. I like mine soft and smooth, hence I use the Smooth Jif.
  • 1 cup of dark brown sugar, packed really good
  • ½ cup of granulated sugar
  • 2 large eggs in Room Temperature (cool tip: you can bring your cold eggs in room temp quick by placing them in small bowl (un-cracked of course!) filled with warm water. It’ll be lukewarm in no time)
  • 1 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 1 ½ cup of bittersweet chocolate chip, my favorite is by Ghiradelli. I’m not a big fan of super sweet cookies, so this would do for me. You can substitute it with any kind of chocolate you want. Hey, it’s your cookie!
  • ¼ - ½ granulated sugar, in small bowl, where your cookie dough will be rolling in the deep

First and for most, pre-heat your oven while you’re getting your ingredients ready. That way, but the time you’re ready to bake, your oven is really to roll. Position your rack to the center of the oven and heat at 350F. Line up your baking sheets with parchment paper and set aside.

Mix all the dry ingredients in a medium size bowl with a whisk and set aside.

With your mixer ready, beat the butter (medium speed) for about 2 minutes, until it’s smooth and creamy. Add the peanut butter and beat together until combined for 1 minute. By this time, I will start sampling some yummy butter to my mouth. Danger!

Add both brown & granulated sugar to the butter mix and beat for 2 – 3 minutes. It gets tastier by the minute! Then add the eggs, one by one, and beat for 1 minute per egg. Add vanilla, mix well. Grab your spatula and scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl to properly mix the batter.

Now on low speed add the dry ingredients, a little at a time. You don’t want flour to fly all over you (true story). Messy clean up 🙁

Once ingredients are fully incorporated, stir in the chocolate chips with your handy dandy spatula. Now you’re ready to scoop! (Your batter would be a little soft and tender. Don’t worry)

With your fun cookie scooper, scoop a batter up and with your hands, roll the batter into a ball. Then cover the little ball with the sugar that’s in your small bowl. Once covered, place the balls on to your baking sheet, 2 inches apart. I usually fit 12 balls in one baking sheet. Then with your for, press on to the balls to flatten them out. 

Place the baking sheet in the oven and bake for 12 minutes. Once done, cool the cookies, while still on the sheet, on to the cooling rack for another 5 minutes. Then remove these flat disks of awesomeness from the sheet on to the cooling rack until they’re all cooled completely. Unless they’re heading straight in to your mouth.

Serve warm or serve cold, the cookies remain soft. I haven’t tried it yet with Crunchy Peanut Butters, so if any of you tried, let me know.

Now go grab a glass of cold milk, your favorite novel and indulge. Please do so, for me.

Thanks Evani for letting me host 🙂

Moonbeams, Rima.

Find her! Blog/ Facebook/ Twitter/ Bloglovin

Thanks Rima!

I'm tellin you, check her out because she is one of the most genuine people I've met in the bloggy world! Plus her baked goods inspire me to do Simply Baking segments of my own all the time! She rocks!

So I've been SLOWLY making my way through my 280 unread count on Bloglovin (a fabbbulous place to bookmark and read all my favorite blogs) and it has not been easy! But I am determined to get that back to 0 (until next week when it's all the way back to 1,000). Womp wompppp. Pity City - Population:1

Have a great weekend party people!