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Hi there!

ERMAHGADDDD I'm still sick! For those of you who follow me on Twitter, I'm sorry all I can talk about is being ill but in case you haven't noticed, I'm a MISERABLE sick person. Like incredibly unpleasant to be around because all I want to do is whine about being sick. It's come back that is isn't strep, so now I have no clue why my body hates me right now. Sigh. Bear with me, Happy Evani will come back some day.

Since I'm drowning in Halls cough drop wrappers, I've decided to repost a guest post I did at one of my favorite blogs Anna Delores Blog. So in case you haven't seen it, here goes! Feel free to pin this, that would make my day! (Here's the original post if you're interested!)

So simple right? Anything I can paint chevron on, I will!

Will you do me a favor? Send happy thoughts, pray, ANYTHING that you can do, that this sickness will go away? My birthday is on Wednesday and I'd really love not to feel miserable...

I haven't read any blogs since Friday and the unreasonably high amount on my Bloglovin count makes me want to just clear-all. So in case I do that, feel free to leave me a comment with any Friday or Weekend blog entries you recommend (whether they're your blog or not!). I mean in general, your blogs are the most important ones for me to read anyways! 🙂

Also who watched that Ravens vs. Patriots game?!? AMAZING right?! 31-30, the Ravens fought hard for that W!

Last sidenote, the Emmys this year were hilarious! Can we just cut out all the award winning and keep doing the funny skits and stuff? That's the best part. That and the SUPER awkward moments when they do close ups on the nominees faces and they have no clue what to do. That's my JAM.

Hope your Monday is significantly better than mine!


Happy Monday readers!

I got the crafting itch this weekend and luckily I got around to it! Finding this blog post on Pinterest from one of my favorite blogs A Beautiful Mess, I just knew this had to be it. I'm sorry nearly everything I do is teal but I can't help it, I just gravitate towards that color!

I had 2 options of things to chalkboard. 1 was an IKEA frame (NYTTJA) but with a plastic face, I was unsure it would work. 2 was a Michaels frame that cost $1. I can't get enough of those things, I hoard them in DROVES.

The steps are listed on the above image but basically all you do is mix 1 tbsp unsanded grout with 4 fl oz of acrylic paint (you can mix colors to your liking!). Paint it onto your surface and let it dry. Once fully dry, you condition the paint by rubbing chalk lightly all over and gently wiping off with a paper towel. Then it's ready for you to play with!

I figured since it was Mother's Day, I could make it Mother's Day themed. (Don't worry, I got my Mom an actual present too) That's a picture of me and my siblings, aren't they cute?!
(We're working on my brother's smile haha love you bud)

I know this seems out of order but I do most of my blogging right before bed so it makes more sense for me. Oh and there's a 9-5 job in there somewhere 😉 This is the NYTTJA frame from IKEA and although the plastic took in some of the chalkboard paint, I don't recommend it for repeated use.

I love the idea of being able to change the color to whatever you want. It's as easy as it sounds so if you give it a try, let me know how it goes!

My weekend was a mix of stress and relaxation, mainly because I let things sit in my mind too long even when I can't do anything about it (Can I get an amen ladies?!).  Saturday night was date night with Rob, where we had sangria and tapas before we met up with friends for beers at DeVeres. Sunday was church and relaxation with the family to celebrate Mother's Day. Overall, a great weekend celebrating the wonderful women in my life!

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful Mommy! Thank you for being my biggest fan and loving us unconditionally! I wouldn't be who I am today without you.

Lastly, Simply Evani has joined the Facebook and Twitter world so take a second to like my page or follow me on Twitter! I'd love that very much!